Candela Pena: “I’M Glad To Know That I Took The Salmon Out Of The Fridge Tonight As If I Were Looking At My Picture.”

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Candela Pena (Barcelona, 47) was talking to her friend Rosa Maria Sarda for the last time. “Of course, I didn’t know it was the last. In fact, I told her that I was a happy woman, and even if something was wrong, I didn’t want to put myself in pain. It was a temptation. I criticize her because she gets angry sometimes. I criticized her… But my friend, I love her, “she said, as the voice of every word grew louder and louder, and peniya could not help sobbing. “It’s a Tuesday (June 9, 2020); she died on Thursday; we started filming on Monday. I can’t help but bring this sadness and sadness to the judge. In the process of shooting, they gave us a huge security agreement. I was so heavy that I had to put on a mask. I felt silly. ”

Just a year and a half ago, iron made pennia not only one of the most popular actresses in 2019, but also a public figure. Since Movistar + premiered the black play, pennia has been known for her interviews, which are the opposite: mutable, transparent, unpredictable: fun. He paid more attention to them than any of the three Goya he won. “What should I say? It is not true. For example, I don’t have a job in 2021, “he protested, always pushing things to the side of reality, on the table of a restaurant. “I don’t care about interviews. I’m glad to know that I took the salmon out of the refrigerator today and made it with a little cooked rice tonight. This is my life. ”

It’s a great idea for pennia, because the return of iron (the second season premiere on Movistar + on February 19) brings her back to the interview stage: success, or showing it, doesn’t stop you from grieving. unhappy. Or your friend died. Success parallels life. “When Fernand Gomez was told that if he had seen his film, he would say,” but isn’t that enough? ” “Now explain. “Now I need to talk about this series, but my life goes on. The problem with iron is that I’ve done it. ”

It turns out that it’s hard for the world to see a 47 year old woman better than a 37 or 27 year old woman. “I’m more and more divided! “I’m a jerk at 20, I’m a jerk at 30,” she confirmed. In theory: “I think in the knight’s imagination, a woman will enter like a calf until she is 40. Because they almost always write to us, leaders, production, from the age of 40, they write to us sick, angry, rotten. I’m only at my best when I’m 40. I realized that what I had was what I had. That’s my happiest time. ”

Peinia chose the path of least failure, found his own life, and wrote his own series. Road and port tells the story of two women, one editor of women’s magazine and the other editor of sports channel. “It’s a series of women over 35, a bit modern, and for many, it’s an antique. But I see a series of young women and I think it’s an antique. Conflict is that woman didn’t climax? If you put this on a gentleman when you’re 30, it’s the man you didn’t tell you, man. It’s not like that She’s been working on it and talking about it publicly (for actress pilar Castro and producer Isabel coxett).

He just needs to do that. Here, too, he has no time to show the limitations of public figure positions. “How does a series get up? I’ve entered a new era, and I have to learn about the TV world. I don’t know what platforms look like, what shapes they are. I open the shoe cabinet. I know the platforms. No one else. Who gave the creator more freedom? “, He has an important meeting on project development this afternoon. “I promised to pull her out no matter what kind of person she is,” he said.

Peinia has a philosophy: life is a drawer. “One day you’re in the top drawer, the other at the bottom, the next in the middle, but under the blanket. I can change drawers. ” You may be a great success and your good friend will die. You can do a few interviews and watch the salmon in the fridge. It’s ridiculous to pretend that you can control your drawer. Pennia is now on TV more than ever, so she often receives pictures of strangers’ genitals. “When young people see a woman, she must look like an 80 year old high-heeled shoe. They don’t know who she is. They must think,” Oh, look, she’s a woman with full breasts. “Because sometimes I wear an American dress that makes me look like a nipple… I have hallucinations about men. They will give you a penis, only a penis, no face, Girls, I can’t imagine we’re just sending one vagina. We gave a small breast, “here you cover your chest with your arms, but open your fingers,” but say hello. Now, I study. I see a lot of different penises and it’s a miracle. ” Life, unpredictable, always goes on.