Another Super Bowl Guide: Tom Brady, This Week And Amanda Gorman Fight Coronavirus

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Since the last Super Bowl 12 months ago, a man named sars-voc-2 has killed more than 450000 Americans, destroyed the national economy and wiped out their social life. Last week, an American died every 30 seconds at coved. On Sunday, when family members gathered in front of TV to watch the Football League final between the Tampa pirates and the Kansas City chief, they shared beer and cornflakes, and even respected Dr. Fudge’s advice, This terrible accountant will continue to move on mercilessly. That’s why this super bowl is different from the previous 54. The super bowl is more than just a sporting event. It’s an excuse for a national celebration, a springboard for music stars, a show of brand power and a TV show, with more than 100000000 viewers. It’s going to be the same this Sunday. But it’s different.

Headquarters. If health authorities warn that there is a high risk of spreading covid by lying on the sofa with friends and family in front of the TV, what about the host city? In addition, the challenges facing Tampa (Florida) are twofold. He is not only the host of the show, but also a member of the team. So if the pirates win, Tampa will hold celebrations in addition to the game. Two potential super breeding events. This is compounded by the fact that Florida bars are open and many people plan to have a party on Sunday. “We’ll try our best,” Mayor Jane caster said.

audience. As of Sunday, attendance had never been lower than the 61946 spectators of the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles in 1967. This year, however, due to the coronavirus, there will be less than 25000 fans, a third of the capacity of Raymond James Stadium. 7500 tickets were provided to vaccinated health workers. Another 14500 tickets have been sold to fans who don’t need PCR, and 2700 will be viewed in luxury booths.

artist. The performance of the Super Bowl midfield is a great trophy for commercial music. The ribbon is in the stratosphere, where last year’s Latin dynamic earthquake hit Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in the hip. If that’s not enough, the epidemic will complicate the feat of holding a big concert in midfield. As a result, Abel tesfaye, better known as the weekend, decided to take $7 million out of his pocket to try to improve TV programs and prevent his modern R & B from fading. His identity as an African American and his record of commitment have led less adventurous oracles to predict that this year will include a tribute to the country’s summer demands for racial justice. This week’s choice is part of the NFL’s effort to turn on the spotlight, away from classic white rock shows and open up to artists who are in trouble online and popular with young audiences. You know, in order to avoid American parents’ aversion to classics, these two games are given to the writers of TV series and movies to see their teenage son abandon them on Super Bowl day.

Rumors spread like gunpowder. For a few days, the whole of Spain has been dreaming that the concert will stop suddenly, and the camera will take a close-up of the indomitable face of a 20-year-old girl from Bajo lobregat, who said: “La rosalia.” It’s credible because the Spaniards worked with weekly to produce flash, one of the most popular songs of 2020. In addition, last year, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez invited their partner J balvin and bad rabbit. Rumors spread in various ways. When rosalia’s team denied it after making snowball fat, her recent collaboration with Billie eilish, a song you’ll forget, has soared on the sales list like a bubble. “I’ve read a lot of rumors,” tesfayer admitted on Thursday. “But there’s no place to put it in the stories and stories I tell in the show, so there won’t be special guests.”

Poetry. Poetry enters Amanda Gorman’s super bowl for the first time, which will bring a little complexity to the traditional family celebrations without intellectual ambition. At Biden’s inauguration, she successfully completed a touching reading, and she will read a few words in the rehearsal (Miley cyris will also be present, and she put forward a concise style on instagram). In this poem, according to herself, she will pay homage to the three heroes. Since this is the super bowl, where you can bet that the color of the liquid will be spilled on the coach of the winning team, online bets on Gorman’s verses have soared. For example, you can play with money, and the poet will say which of the three words first: hero, epidemic or super.

Prose. If you have $5.5 million, maybe you can advertise on the Super Bowl in 30 seconds. The advertisements on the party are often more attractive than the party itself. This year, the clear challenge is the tone. Brands that choose humor risk losing control, and brands that choose to remind viewers of what they’re trying to avoid for hours are likely to be remembered as spoilers. Faced with such a choice, some people (such as Coca Cola or Hyundai) decided to go straight through. Budweiser will give up the glamorous advertising it has been doing for 37 years and choose to donate part of this year’s advertising budget to a non-profit organization that combats vaccine skepticism. Others chose to launch it for the first time this year, taking advantage of its counter cyclical status. In fact, among the historic unemployment figures, the job portal inded promises to post an ad that “emphasizes the emotional journey of job seekers at a time when many people are facing financial difficulties.”.

And sports. This year, a generation gap will be held in the countryside. The film will feature Tom Brady and Patrick Muhammad, two Superman quarterbacks 18 years apart. Any top class is Brady’s. He is the most active player and the biggest winner of his time. Tom Brady has 21 seasons in a sport with an average of 3.3 years of elite duration. Gisele Bundchen, 43, played in the 10th super bowl on Sunday and has won six. Your arrival is a legend. He was rejected by all the NFL teams until the Patriots signed him in 2000. After 20 years of success, Brady said goodbye to the Patriots last season. He signed a team, the divers, with only one super bowl. The patriots have been ruled out of the playoffs and the pirates will win their seventh game in the super bowl on Sunday. If allowed, 25-year-old Patrick Muhammad led the Emirates to victory over the 49ers last year. Muhammad has $477 million a year in contracts. Shiver, Messi. We’re going to talk about relay from one generation to another. But that would underestimate Muhammad’s ambitions. He’s not just after Brady for titles and Statistics: he’s also after being the defining athlete and pop culture icon of his generation. Like Jordan. Defending this may sound exaggerated, but the beginning of his career is unprecedented.