Manu Legeneche, Unlimited Journalist

2021-02-06   |   by CusiGO

Manu leguineche, one of the greatest Spanish journalists of the 20th century, always explained, “you deserve your last report.” In this sentence, Basque journalists and citizens of the world want to make it clear that journalism is a daily profession, inevitably outdated, and the life cycle of future generations is as short as journalism. However, he was wrong. Seven years after his death, on January 22, 2014, at the age of 72, his book is still being edited, and his image is still a reference for generations of informants. The premiere of the documentary manu leguineche on Sunday (Sunday, February 7, 21:30, La 2) proved once again the validity of his legacy. Bohemia 10, directed by journalist and audiovisual producer Victor L ó PEZ, is the author of the 2019 biography El boss of the tribe.

“Journalists must always be fair to their readers,” leguineche explained in some statements in this documentary about his life and career, from childhood to post-war central Spain, in arrazua (bizkaia), until his death in 2014 at a hospital in Madrid, where he moved from brihuega, He was an alcarone who retired ten years ago. In his book the shortest way, he describes his experience as a special envoy visiting five continents, as well as the various news organizations or news programs he founded in TVE, and his endless mus projects, Their hunting or fishing trips.

Manu’s journey – the whole profession he knew, which he called tribe – took place long before the age of digital photography, when he traveled around the world with few photos and far fewer movies. Besides, he is always a lonely Wolf. The documentary is mainly based on statements from friends and journalists. It’s particularly exciting that Javier reverte, one of his closest walking companions (not only on the road, but also in mus, chatos and fisca), died last October. The documentary also includes peers from leguineche, such as Jes ú s picatoste (missing in April), Joaquin bardavio, Vicente Romero, Juan Cruz or Diego Carcedo (he met in Vietnam), as well as young but experienced journalists who have followed him to progress in the international press, Like Giuseppe Sanchez, Ramon Lobo or Javier Martin Dominguez, and his kolpisa stage disciples pilar cernida or Mariano Jindal.

“My purpose is not just to talk about the news, but to talk about leguineche’s humanity,” explained Victor Lopez (41, La Coruna), who spent countless hours searching for as many documents as possible, which is not an easy thing, because manu is both a very social person, always surrounded by friends, and a secret and lonely person. “Apart from his appearance on TV, he left almost no graphic files. For example, during his trip, there was almost nothing,” Lopez said.

The title, Bohemia 10, appeared at the most exciting moment in the documentary, and in 2008 he was awarded the title of outstanding Biscay, who was ill in brijuega. In an interview at the time, Manu admitted to his friend Julio flor that he had sacrificed his personal life – a family, a couple – for news, travel and, in particular, freedom. “I’m Bohemian number 10,” he went on, trying to explain that he was the perfect bohemian. When he stopped writing travel books, he reflected that loneliness, being sought and loved, and at the same time, it was very difficult, in books such as club without love or happiness of the earth.

Manu’s friends in the documentary are not only members of the industry, they also have the voice of their compatriots in brijuega, where he found his place in the world. One of the most famous is Jesus Rodrigo, who runs his orchard, from which leguineche believes he has learned all possible knowledge on earth. Anyone looking for him in the bars and Chateau taverns of Madrid’s aguiles district will find that his footprints and humanity go far beyond the tribe where he gave his life.

He has written 43 books, covering all possible international affairs: in addition to the shortest way to drive around the world, he has also written the principles of mass news and the Cuban war in “I want to start a war”; the traces of the Second World War in Europe in the infamous age; the history of World War II in Europe in the infamous age; About the Spaniards, who passed the whole dictatorship hidden in the mole (next to Jesus tobado); or a great story about a Spaniard who eventually entered the Bolivian jungle after crossing a Nazi concentration camp at a heavenly price.

However, Victor Lopez explained that he was always aware of the fragility of fame. “I think manu has managed to hold on, even though it’s not what he wanted. He believes that the prestige gained in a 30-year career can be lost in 30 seconds. His footprint has something to do with his integrity and sense of responsibility in journalism. People who work with him say that working with manu for a month is more than learning throughout his career. All this makes him a reference. “