Selekt, The First Tv Channel To Decide Barbecue By Artificial Intelligence

2021-02-05   |   by CusiGO

Selekt, the new channel of AMC network, is not a radio station in use. This is the result of more than three years of research to find a new way to present TV content. Vodafone TV and orange TV provide a variety of programs from the group’s 11 channels. But in addition to content, selekt’s revolution has its own name: estimator. So they baptize AI, which will determine what their grill is.

“We usually focus on the discussion of on-demand content and linear content, but actually we have less time and more content,” said Manuel balsera, chief executive of AMC networks for South Europe. Balsera referred to the paradox of choice – the more choices, the more complex the decision is – and “audiences feel a little tired when making decisions about a large number of products, platforms, and channels.”.

The selekt grid is arranged in slot blocks that feed from the content recommended by the estimator. To make these suggestions, AI collects internal and external information sources: consumption data, content metadata and user interaction. “As a generalist channel, we’ve made algorithms observe the behavior of open TV and our channels on the platform,” balsera said. According to balsera, with this data, it will publish recommendations that programmers will implement “in relevant percentages” and wait for the data to be used and accumulated to optimize the results. In addition, the system may be changed by factors instructed by the programmer, such as sports events or current events. These factors may change the audience’s habitual behavior. If no one is present, the estimator will not consider these factors.

In addition to optimizing the content, estimator can also let people see the jewelry hidden in the program. “Some programs or series suddenly succeed beyond the most commercially valuable personal data. We believe that artificial intelligence can help make these contents more successfully expressed. It will help promote diversity of content, “balsera said.

The Spanish channel is a pioneer in using this artificial intelligence. Balsera and his research team were responsible for his conceptualization. “I spent a lot of time in the digital field, and when AI was used to send satellites to Mars, we didn’t use it for simpler things like TV,” the executive said. The aim of the team is to implement the same system on AMC’s grill before summer and extend it to other broadcasters in order to draw preliminary conclusions on its operation after summer. For balsera, it’s a system for open TV barbecue. “The more data you can get, the less error you have,” he said.