“One Story, One Song”: Music Oasis On Tv

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

Zahara has been playing guitar and vocal music all over Spain for 20 years. One of his favorite musical instruments is little Martin. He bought a little guitar many years ago, and now his three-year-old son has been decorated in various colors. With her, she boldly wrote a story on TV, a song (premiered at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday) that combines live music missed by the epidemic in the past few months with the story of people, places and songs, enabling her to be on the stage again. The health crisis reinforces the view that live music is needed more than ever on TV, and on Movistar +, they know that and defend themselves with more and more music products. Together with TVE 2, it is the music oasis of Spanish TV station outside talent competition.

A story and a song are composed of four episodes. Each episode has a theme, a place and a song as the starting point. The first came to pontevedra with deep purple water smoke to talk about fires and fires, as well as performances by xoel L ó PEZ and IV á n Ferreiro. The following are the open villages represented by the village of turolense de Cuevas (Beatles song Eleanor Rigby), El Agua (Los alcarez, Murcia) and El home (this land is your land). In the latter, Zahara went to his last hometown with artist Marti perarnau to form his last project Juno with him. All the shows have one thing in common, that is, the artist listens to the story and returns his favor with a song sung by little Martin.

“In every show, a particular place is associated with a great song that reflects the spirit of a theme. For example, in the case of Murcia, this song is a Mediterranean song by Joan Manuel Serrat, but in the show, there are a few songs I sing for the people I interview, just as we deal with the ocean, Alberto Perez, Javier kleeher and Joaquin Sabina, stay away from the water. It’s a beach boy song. “All of these songs are emotionally connected, not literally, not the plot, not the story of the show, they are connected because they were created at another time, but somehow they tell the same thing that we told on the show,” Zahara explained.

“If there is no music, there is no TV, there is no drama, there is no movie, there is no program tone. It doesn’t make any sense. “It’s part of TV, so TV’s respect for music should be reflected in live broadcast, and ultimately, this is where music is more real than ever, where the real thing happens,” he said. Jorge Ortiz de land á zuri, a program producer and content manager of # 0 and his own production, has spent most of his career making and maintaining music programs for TV. “TV without music is impossible. What happens is that we often don’t realize it. It doesn’t get enough attention. It’s not just music, it’s sound on TV. It’s a basic component. Sometimes we think that because it is a TV, the image is actually the only important thing, and the sound is the same or more important in some cases. Many times, it can give you a song, but it can’t give you an image. What music and live broadcasting do is make TV not only special, but sometimes unique. It’s sad, I hope it’s a normal thing, but it makes it different, “the producer explained.

Zahara has 20 years of music, but his TV adventures are nothing new. In # 0, she participated in pop music, a story of music and TV songs, which changed the world and the power of music. She was also a professor of music culture in the latest TV victory. “In Movistar, I’ve entered the space where they used to play the leading role more or less. It’s here that I’m proposed to host the show. They explained to me what they wanted, in fact, I thought it was great, I thought the story, no matter who carried it, was wonderful, and then, if it was because of me, I really looked forward to it. I like the beautiful idea of going beyond music, “the singer said. Ortiz de land á zuri explains the importance of getting the artist involved in the project on three points: “first, we need someone who can convey the story to us. He has to be a singer, someone who can sympathize with people very much. In addition, we also hope that this program is not only a band to arrive at the concert site, but all the people are united. Zahara is ideal in this respect, because together with Ivan Ferrero, they are the people who work most with all groups in Spain, which greatly simplifies the work, and this meeting is easy and natural. Third, over the years, we have established a working, respectful and caring relationship with Zahara. We know what she can give us, what we can give her. ”

#Music history of 0

In the past few months, Movistar + has been focusing on their music products, especially through # 0. “In principle, we know very well that this is a natural place and we should see it on TV. We are only five years old. When we start, we have to remember that there is no live music on TV except for the concert on radio 3 (2 a.m.). We start bit by bit. On shows like late motiv (with Andreu buenafont), we know he’s going to have a live band, he’s going to have music, and then we’re going to add more, “explains Ortiz of land á zuri. “We’ve grown up. Through these programs, we let everyone understand that music works on TV. You really need to find your counting method and a format that is very different from before, because everything has changed. Now you really can’t provide some programs because The audience has different views. We have to find a new formula, because who doesn’t like music? He added.

What is the purpose of this gamble? “Going to a lot of places,” the producer replied, “we want to open ourselves up with some ideas that we’re studying, even though we always stick to a line, using music as the carrier of the story, through emotion, the musical context that we’ve been looking for, Finding a unique moment on TV through music will be our project, but it will also allow us to accept different styles. We work hard bit by bit. Sometimes it’s hard for certain styles to live on TV, which makes us pay a price, but this year we will be more diversified in terms of music. We also want to grow in numbers, “he concluded.