February 9 Series

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

Accustomed to a breathless calendar, February seems like a dead water, with nearly half of the titles expected to be more than what we left in January. National titles are worth noting: this month, we will return to El iron to hear another case of judge candela, and a new boarding school will unveil its mystery The love story of the times is back to atrismedia. For all premieres and returns in February (you can find them on our calendar), we suggest you give this option a chance.

British writer Abby Morgan, the famous creator of river and time, She is the author of the judicial drama, which tells the story of a family of female lawyers who deal with divorce cases. The family is now in the second season, and the relationship between husband and wife is further deepened through their labor cases and their household goods. In addition to the mark of the creator, another highlight of the legal play is the very effective appearance of Nikolay walker. The series was highly praised by critics who didn’t want to revolutionize anything, but it worked well.

When and where to see her? The second season will be on Tuesday the 9th.

An alien came to earth by accident and was forced to impersonate a doctor in a small town while performing a secret mission. However, it is not easy to adapt to a strange world and human beings, and they are not perfect. Most importantly, he has to solve the murder after he arrives. Alan tudik is the protagonist of this comic based science fiction comedy, and American critics especially emphasize tudik’s performance. Even if we don’t see any of the chapters, we put her on the list because of how bizarre her proposal is.

When and where to see her? It will premiere in Syfy on Monday, the 15th.

This was one of the highlights of last season’s us open. Michael sheen and Malcolm bright play father and son. Father is a serial killer, his real identity was discovered by his son when he was a child. But killer genes are carried in the blood, and as you can see at the end of the first season, it’s going to make things more complicated. A police play with horror is remarkable for its distorted plot and the same distorted relationship between the protagonists.

When and where to see her? The second season starts at TNT on Monday the 15th.

One of Movistar +’s most popular works is this thriller, which happens at the same rate as what happens on El iron island. The successful results and warm welcome to the first batch of goods (the case has been closed) invite the platform to launch the second batch of new cases, but the protagonists are the same: candela Pena’s role begins to get used to living in a new destiny, and continues to work on solving drug trafficking cases involving businessmen Dario grandinetti. At the same time, the judge will have to mediate a couple’s custody dispute and the resulting murder. Great first season invites us to have high expectations for the second season.

When and where to see her? It will premiere two episodes on Movistar + on Friday, the 19th, and will continue every week.

A representative of the Spanish TV trend is the revival of several recent TV series (physics or chemistry, Paco’s people, Los protectos…), and now it’s boarding school, which is a quarry for young actors such as ana de Armas, yon Gonz á lez, Blanca Su á rez, Elena furiase or Marti ó o Rivas. Now, in a somewhat dubious way of education, the audience explores the mysteries of a new school in a very disturbing forest. As you might expect, strange things soon began to happen in this version, perhaps darker than the original version, which is worth recommending to those who like Laguna Negra.

When and where to see her? All episodes will be released on Amazon Prime video on the 19th.

What if the Soviet Union was the first to land on the moon? This dystopia paved the way for the latest round of fiction set in the space race, which took place in 1969, when NASA fell behind the Soviet Union and was forced to catch up with its competitors in the space race. In this regard, it is crucial to include women in the team. It’s the least noisy of the first Apple TV + series, but it should have gotten more attention because of the power of its female role. In short, you can say that we are a lunatic with astronauts. We won’t go too far.

When and where to see her? The second season will premiere on Apple TV + on Friday, the 19th.

The “Star” brand is bundled with Disney + products, which the company believes are more mature and aimed at expanding the platform’s target audience. In addition to including a fairly large wardrobe fund with titles already known to the public, it adds something new. Perhaps most prominently, the story is inspired by the movie “the universe of love,” Simon. He now tells about Victor’s journey of self discovery. A high school student is exploring his sexual identity, but at the same time, he also faces the common problems of adapting to the new city and adolescence. Simon will help him overcome the difficulties in his high school life.

When and where to see her? Star landed at Disney + on Tuesday, the 23rd, and the series was included in its catalog on the same day.

There are a group of ghosts living in the button Hall of the hut. They come from different times, and each of them died more foolishly. Their goal is to drive new tenants out of the mansion. The couple inherited the house and wanted to turn it into a hotel. From this BBC series, you can expect a kind of absurd humor. Nothing is too complicated. It’s the charm of this kind of humor. British critics support the series, and CBS has prepared an American version.

When and where to see her? It premiered on the 26th in the Movistar series.

Since there is no specific premiere date, February will be the month for the debut of the new atresmedia work. It will run on atresplayer premium as usual and then open on antena 3. Michel Jenner, Roberto enriques and Hugo Silva star in this era play adapted from Fernando J. Munez’s novel, which takes place in Madrid in the 18th century. The story tells the story of Clara Belmont and Diego, the Duke of castamar. Their lives are changed by their meeting. It will be a love in which you will encounter obstacles such as class differences or Enrique de acona’s desire for revenge. The romantic current affairs novel is a kind of genre which is well performed on open TV, and people have great expectations for it.

When and where to see her? Sometime in February, it was announced on atrisplayer premium (which will open later on antena 3).

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