When We Believe In Ufos

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

I’m sorry Iker simmennis gave up ghosts and aliens a few months ago. I took part in a monologue in which he denied himself with the same emotion as I saw Andy go to college and leave his childhood in Toy Story 3. With Iker’s decision, a genre of television made up of blurry photos, overexposed lights and inaudible mental voices could be shut down forever. I think simmennis is bored with the quality of the material, not just these issues. If one wants a media set of resources, then ghosts, UFOs and super earth sounds are low definition? HD technology has not surpassed? Aliens can travel through galaxies, but they can’t keep themselves in focus and pixels?

Fortunately, Daniel utrilla, a graffiti reporter, came to comfort this supernatural nostalgia. In his book my reform of UFOs, he recalls that for a time everything was UFO, half of the books sold were signed by J.J. Benitez, and Jim é Nez del oso had been known on television as “professor.”.

My reform UFO is a journey of Soviet popular myth. From the Voronezh UFO incident in 1989, the Soviet Roswell UFO appeared in the TV daily as a very serious news. After reading it, I realized how much I wanted UFO and little green man. Is it serious when we lose our innocence and become like Iker jinez? On the pages of Utrecht’s books, I was homesick until the end of the cold war. Maybe the world was more cruel, but I believe that Martians, not everything was cynical, mobile and unpredictable.