Obama: “Thanks To Democracy, Trump Didn’T Achieve The 100% He Wanted.”

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

If one slogan has left a political imprint in the past few years, even surpassing the United States, where he has achieved great success, it is his slogan of helping Barack Obama be elected president in 2009: “yes, we can.”. In an interview broadcast on Saturday, the former U.S. president spoke to TV reporter ser Javier del Pino. “You really think this slogan is old-fashioned. Are you sure it won’t work? Del Pino asked the former Democratic leader. “Yes,” Obama replied with a smile, “I think… Well, I don’t think it’s that good. Spanish sounds better: Yes, it can. ” The former president of the United States recalled this and other moments of his career in his memoir, the promised land, which was published in an editorial debate in Spain.

Obama (59 year old Hawaiian) addressed the interviewer by his own name in an absolutely cordial tone, and even remembered his daughter at the end of the conversation. He opened a window to let people know his memory of his youth, his efforts to run for president, and his eight years of leading the US government. “I was not born rich,” the Democrat said in the conversation. “I have to apply for credits to go to college, which gives me a better understanding of young people’s problems.”

Obama did not shy away from solving the toughest issues of his presidency, such as the war on terror, which continued from the former presidency until the death of Osama bin Laden, the head of Al Qaeda’s network. “Even the necessary war can bring very terrible things,” del Pino said. “It’s a burden on my conscience. This is a must. I don’t believe that a leader who doesn’t think about it will not be affected. ”

On January 20, 2017, Obama handed over a witness to Republican tycoon Donald Trump, the winner of the election two months ago. “One of the joys and frustrations of democracy,” the former president of the United States pointed out, “is that you have to reach a compromise, and you can never achieve the 100% you want. The good news is that thanks to democracy, Donald Trump has not achieved the 100% he wanted. ” Obama’s second vice president, Joe Biden, won the trump election on November 3.

Listen to Javier delpino’s full Spanish interview with Barack Obama.