The Weekend Series “London Gang” Has Never Been So Popular.

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

TV is a scriptwriter. They are their stars, and they are responsible for pushing these programs to another level of audio-visual culture. They attract millions of viewers, create the best conversations, and shape the unique structure of the media (including thousands of things that go unnoticed). Just as an actor plays a queen or a film director in a theater, the writer and the protagonist of the crew are together. But there are always exceptions. Just like the movies of David Mamet or Alan Sorkin, the best part of these movies is the words, and some interesting series are the features of the camera. The last one to prove this is the starzplay.

Some famous directors even criticized the way centered on the most popular narrative script: “I think TV’s interest in visual language is not as good as the narrative concept in the sense of novel. In an interview with who we are a few months ago, Luca guaviona said: “she is still the slave of Narration: you have to follow a structure, develop the arch of narration, display the talking bust, and promote the development of the story.”. Like David Lynch’s twin peaks, or the often forgotten quarries and banshee, Greg Yaitanes is a director and producer, and is slang for writer and producer.

The name behind the London Gang is Gareth Evans. On the surface, their argument sounds like a drama about one British criminal family after another, Guy Ritchie’s film Heirs: when the patriarch of the Mafia in the British capital is murdered, a gang war begins, threatening to end the rule of the Wallace family. The heirs came in with questions, the embarrassed sister of the family business, the undercover police (the discovery of actor Thorpe delisou), the hardy mother (a brilliant Michelle Fairley), the inappropriate romance and the hostile gang from Eastern Europe. Everything is on schedule. His tough and grumpy people share too much with the spiky blind, even Joe Cole, one of his least glamorous actors (though it’s a bit similar here). But there’s one thing that separates her from the rest: a crazy direction, appearing as a real hero. In Oriental films, the actors are obviously influenced by the action, waltzing on the asphalt in the most remote part of London.

Evans, who was in charge of adrenaline killer raids (where he played adapted Western Indonesian martial arts) or apostles, directed only the first, second and fifth chapters, and although he was thought to have written with Matt Flannery, he printed his own style for the rest of the season. Fifthly, specifically speaking, it is the summit, a self portrait episode, devoted to the story of a manhunt that made people gasp and attacked a house that has never been reported. Action doubles and dance creators eventually became the protagonists of this immeasurable, dirty action, in which we saw each character suffering and tired.

It’s easy to say that without the leadership of Gareth Evans, the London gangs would not have had sorrow and glory. The reality, however, is that without filmmakers, the series doesn’t even make sense. That’s why she exists, and that’s why I see her.

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