Hillary Clinton Will Produce A Series Of Shows About The Kurdish Militia

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that her audio-visual producer, hidden light productions, will premiere a play about the Kurdish militia. Today’s TV producers have bought the rights to author Gayle tzemach Lemmon’s February book, cobani’s daughter: the story of rebellion, courage and justice. It tells the story of a militiamen made up of women who fought and defeated the Islamic state in northern Syria. The author met with hundreds of women last year and said that the victory helped to consolidate gender equality in the Middle East and to win the respect of the United States military. “This is a remarkable story of a brave, challenging woman fighting for justice and equality,” Clinton said in a statement.

This is not the first time that politics has invaded audio-visual. Clinton has been following Obama since working with Steven Spielberg last October to produce a series on women’s suffrage for CW television (he signed a contract with Netflix to produce serials and documentaries). Similarly, in this case, as is customary on well-known television, Elaine Weiss’s article “women’s moment: the great struggle to win votes” tells of the struggle that led to the approval of the 19th Amendment. According to Spielberg and Clinton’s plan, the story will be most of the first season. Each of the following will tell the life of a famous woman who took part in this struggle. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Clinton’s role in the film is to advise who will write or perform in the play. According to professional magazine, the former first lady’s goal is to keep a close eye on decisions around production.

Clinton also prepared a documentary series about her life for Disney Hulu platform, named Hillary. By the way, she’s making a movie called Rodham, named after Clinton’s maiden name, in which she imagines a world in which she never married President Bill Clinton.

It’s no accident that Clinton paid attention to Raymond’s works in her first personal novel series. Raymond not only wrote two successful business articles on the conflict in the Middle East. One of them, Ashley’s war, about American women soldiers, is by producer Reese Witherspoon. Another important work of Raymond is his profile about Clinton for Newsweek in 2011, focusing on his strategy of empowering women in international politics.