2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Sergio Ramos’ Suspension: No European Cup, No Contract Extension With Real Madrid

Luis Enrique’s list allows the Madrid captain to leave the store within 36 days of the end of his contract and has a close relationship with Fiorentina Perez.

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Old Phil Mickelson Inspired Old Tiger Woods

The oldest winner of a 50 year old big shot surprised the golf industry.

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Luis Enrique Did Not Invite Sergio Ramos To The Spanish National Team For The European Cup

The 35 year old Real Madrid captain has been out of the game since June 11 due to recent physical problems. There are no white players on the list of 24

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

The Cyclist Paid Off His Debt To Egan Bernal.

The Italian tour leader alone won the stage of dolomite cutting, which made maglia shine.

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

From Chiglinsky To Rubendias: Guardiola’S Defense

Manchester City paid Benfica 68 million pounds for the Portuguese centre forward, who has been selected as the Premier League player of the year.

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Dabo, Will Completely Change Rome’S “Middle East And North Africa”

The midfield player is a new member of the team. He was born in Gambia 19 years ago. After his father died, he came to Italy and went to Sicily by barge without an adult

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Hugo Gonzalez: “I Train With People Who Are Better Than Me And Win Trust.”

The new connection between Spanish swimming and the Tokyo Olympics is the key to the evolution of her team’s daily activities at the University of California.

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Desire Villa, A Gymnast Who Lost A Leg, Will Take Part In The Paralympics As An Athlete

The Galician, a victim of a medical accident, has a Spanish long jump and 100 meter record and talks to a businessman.

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Inigo Martinez Withdraws From The European Cup

The athlete claimed that he did not reach 100%, “both physically and mentally.”

2021-05-23 | by CusiGO

Udyibisha Enters Smart Banking Alliance

With only six years of life, Basil’s painting is accompanied by Royal Society B and amorebita, waiting for the final between Burgos and sports B.