2021-05-25 | by CusiGO

Forbidden Line

Quantum mechanics allows us to see far away, perform forensic autopsies of stellar bodies, and analyze how cosmochemistry evolved.

2021-05-25 | by CusiGO

Double Show: So You Can See Eclipses And Supermoons From Latin America

The biggest and brightest full moon of the year coincides with a total lunar eclipse, and the moon will turn red in about 15 minutes.

2021-05-25 | by CusiGO

Water Bears Can Survive Even In One Shot, But Not In A Lunar Accident.

A Spanish Astrobiologist is designing an experiment to shoot down tardiggers and test whether they can survive the impact of an Israeli probe in 2019

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

In The Past 40 Years, People Who Have Lost Their Sight Have Partially Recovered.

The first experiment of photosensitive protein gene therapy in human eyes

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

“The Earth Will Live, But Our World Won’T”

The director of igme warned of the impact of the Pliocene, the impact of human activities on the earth and the possible sixth extinction

2021-05-23 | by CusiGO

“The James Webb Telescope Will Tell Us How The Universe Began”

Spanish astrophysicist bego NIA Vila is one of the people responsible for developing the space telescope, the largest and most accurate space telescope ever, which is scheduled to be launched in October.

2021-05-23 | by CusiGO

The Paradox Of Network Attack: How To Use The Breakthrough Of Hacker To Protect Security

Develop an information encryption mechanism that is almost invulnerable, enabling criminals to lock the hard disk without having to recover the data

2021-05-23 | by CusiGO

Google Privacy Director: “There Is A View That A Lot Of Personal Data Is Collected For Advertising, But It Is Not The Case.”

Stephan micklitz highlighted the company’s “great transparency efforts” in managing data collected from users

2021-05-22 | by CusiGO

Two Chinese Experts Who Identified The Coronavirus Reminded People Of The Danger Of H5N8 Influenza Virus

The pathogen has caused a fatal epidemic in millions of birds around the world and killed seven people.

2021-05-21 | by CusiGO

Contradiction Probability

Paradox of probability is everywhere, from big family to bridge game