2021-05-25 | by CusiGO

Javier Cardenas, European Fm

Monday’s “get up, Cadenas” is the last show after a long-term image and audience crisis.

2021-05-25 | by CusiGO

Marriage Pioneer

The new season of “ownerless” has just been released. Everything that used to be exquisite and charming has become pedantic, boring and detestable.

2021-05-25 | by CusiGO

Black Writers Have Diversified Tv Stories In The United States And Around The World

Vis am é Ricas created a team of African Brazilian writers for parameter +, Nickelodeon or Comedy Central

2021-05-24 | by CusiGO

Loser Or Loser

This year, we have proved that we are good at winning European television in one way: lying. For dual projects

2021-05-23 | by CusiGO

More Than 4 Million Viewers Watched The 2021 European Television Festival

Compared with the 2019 Version (5449000 people), the party lost its followers, but it gave TVE its best day of the year

2021-05-23 | by CusiGO

M Å Neskin, The Winner Of Eurovision 2021 From The Streets Of Rome

The rock band, which brought victory to Italy, opposes politically correct dictatorship in their songs.

2021-05-23 | by CusiGO

Antonio Alcantara And “Friends” Zombies

When qianquet died, the whole Spain ran to embrace Pancho and compete on the beach of nija. Antonio Alcantara died this week, we’re all here, very rich.

2021-05-22 | by CusiGO

Italy Wins European Tv In 2021 With Manneskin Rock

Blas Cantor leads by six points. Rotterdam has a music competition between major health measures and fan support

2021-05-22 | by CusiGO

This Is Blass’S Performance On Eurovision In 2021

Singer murciano played the role of “I’ll stay” in 13 of the 26 finalists