Facebook Paid $540 Million After Reports Of Image Abuse

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Biometric privacy has cost Facebook $650 million (about 540 million euros). An agreement approved by a federal judge in San Francisco on Friday ended years of judicial struggle between users and social networks.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the complaint was filed in April 2015. Attorney Jay Edelson filed a lawsuit against Facebook in Cook County Court on behalf of plaintiff Carlo Licata, claiming that Illinois privacy law does not allow social media giants to use facial tags without consent. The case went to federal court in Chicago and then to federal court in California. The plaintiffs claimed that Facebook collected and stored digital images of their faces in violation of biometric standards because the company did not have users’ consent to collect the data. As a result, up to 1.6 million users can now receive checks for $345 (285 euros) before all claims are finally closed.

“We are very pleased that we have reached an agreement that we can continue to discuss this issue for the benefit of our community and our shareholders,” a Facebook spokesman said in a statement on the news agency. The case raises a number of highly contentious issues in court, including whether the legal damage to privacy is real and specific under federal law, in order to clearly establish that the right has been violated. The Illinois biometric information privacy act is one of the most stringent laws in the United States. U.S.A. It requires companies to obtain permission before using technologies such as face recognition to identify customers.