The Pandemic Brought Trouble To The British Courts For Several Years.

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

In 2018, Dimas gimeno left the British court board and was deported after clashes with his cousins Marta and Cristina Alvarez Guil, marking the end of the group’s fierce coexistence. But the problem is just beginning. Marta Alvarez, the new chairman, expressed satisfaction with the solution at the opening ceremony of the general meeting in August 2019. “There are no two customers, one digital and the other physical,” he said, but there is one “we have to serve them through the channels we decide.”

When the virus spreads and people hide outside their homes, choice becomes an obligation: as shopping malls close and e-commerce proliferates, only the food sector continues to operate. This epidemic has proved and accelerated the change of consumption habits, which has shown the defects of a pattern that seemed invincible in the past before the emergence of the virus. Sources at the British court said the response was “quick.”. Food sales have increased fivefold, and services such as click & car, which allows customers to shop and shop on the Internet, are also growing strongly.

However, the shopping malls that have been closed for months have put a heavy burden on their customers, while local digital competitors such as Amazon have consolidated their dominance. In Spain, where there are no tourists, dependence on existence is an insurmountable obstacle.

In this process, there are many initiatives to encourage business development: in November, we formed an alert market alliance with master mobile, entered the logistics cake in December, provided services to third parties, and updated mobile applications in February. However, for a giant tied to real estate, innovation still seems to be half done. Now, expressions like “reorientation” and “reorientation of resources” resonate most since the company decided to abandon “repositioning” damage control in order to initiate an unprecedented restructuring in its history.

Small scale enterprises have been repeatedly used to explain the impact of the epidemic on the Spanish economy, one of the most affected countries in its environment. As time goes on, large enterprises, despite their greatest financial strength, will not go unpunished.