Unproven Expenses And Travel That No One Remembers: The Trial Of The Former Head Of Asaja, Accused Of Wasting Subsidies, Begins

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

“I don’t know, I don’t remember,” was one of the most frequently repeated responses by ASAJA Valladolid’s former president, lino Rodriguez, who was tried on Wednesday for misappropriating funds and wasting millions of dollars in grants. Rodr í Guez is inaccurate in explaining most debit and credit card expenses. When prosecutors asked about the costs of beauty clinics, sex shops and zoos, the defendant could not recall the fact “a long time ago.”. Rodriguez also doesn’t remember the cost of a trip to Paris, Milan or New York.

Waladolid provincial court on Wednesday tried the leader of the former provincial agricultural trade union ASAJA (young farmers’ Association). The prosecutor’s office has demanded that the person responsible for operation barley be sentenced to 26 years’ imprisonment and that nearly 4 million euros be paid to Rodriguez, his wife Anna delafuente, former Secretary Fernando Redondo and the leader’s close aide Gerardo ricco.

At the beginning of the trial, the defense accused that the rights of the defendant had been infringed to varying degrees, demanded to cancel the case, and dismissed the lawsuit on the ground of no right to defense. Lino Rodr í Guez, who has been in conflict, attended the first oral hearing. The former management argued that all banking transactions between ASAJA and the various departments of the organization were “completely autonomous.”. The cost of the credit card issued by two of them was “completely reasonable.”. With regard to the many transfers on his account, he said “definitely” it was the payroll owed to him. To justify many of the cheques he cashed (up to 136000 euros), Rodriguez pointed out that they were “very likely” payments related to Asahi rather than personal profits.

The survey began in 2013, when Alberto Cano, financial director of ASAJA Valladolid, accused Rodr í Guez of clarifying the use of a European project designed to train farmers and ranchers but never translated into a curriculum. The ifycar Institute, hosted by lino Rodr í Guez, was established for “training and training in agriculture and rural areas”. It received more than 1 million euros of public funds from 1995 to 2004, but never operated. The agency also received nearly $2 million in grants from other sectors related to ASAJA.

Prosecutors argue that its chairman, lino Rodr í Guez, transferred large amounts of money, including grants, between accounts “unreasonably” between 1995 and 2015. The prosecutor’s office said that between 1999 and 2009, the defendant received nearly 1 million euros from ASAJA and its sector companies “without good reason.”. ASAJA’s former boss faces 13-and-a-half years in prison, which he is currently sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for receiving benefits from the Castilla and le ó n boards for false documents and fraud.

The main defendant, who had been representing ASAJA until 1994, assured the team manager that 10 years later he had signed an employment contract with derco. It defines the professional categories of agricultural technical engineers, although Rodriguez admits he does not. The defendant insisted that he did not sign the contract as a worker and did not know who signed it, but he accepted it. Rodriguez’s salary is higher than that stipulated in the Convention, and he defended his salary of nearly 3000 euro per month, which is not even affected by the reduction of all workers in the Valladolid asaha office in 2009: “the salary has doubled, because the work has doubled.”.

Rodriguez also proved that he and his wife are partners in soderbring, which handles all matters related to workers’ social security contracts. It also cancelled a collection received from another parallel entity, derco.

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In this sense, he sees the perfume project as “a detail with lecturers, collaborators and female managers,” as well as spending on jewelry stores, restaurants and cinemas. The former president of ASAJA said: “this is acceptable to everyone, and as a private company, it can be done.”. With regard to restaurant expenses on public holidays, including 1850 euros for banquets, Rodriguez claims that these expenses are also for work, although strangely, it happens to be his son’s birthday.

At the afternoon meeting, Lina de la fuente, wife of lino Rodriguez, claimed that she had worked as a consultant for ASAJA and Campo open and derco sector organizations to deal with corporate tax related issues. The source states that she had the right not to testify when the prosecutor asked her to explain her son’s communion celebrations and various overseas travel payments with her husband.