Ana Spoils Increased By $8.1 Million In 2020, 18.7% Less Than The Previous Fiscal Year

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

The total salary of ANA BOT í n, President of Santander bank, was 8.09 million euros, a decrease of 1.86 million euros or 18.7% compared with the previous year. This decline is because their fixed wages and bonuses are 50% lower than in 2019, as they announced in March, at the beginning of the epidemic. President Santander’s income is divided into cash compensation of 5.35 million euros, gross profit per share (from the previous financial year’s plan) of 979000 euros, pension contributions of 1115 million euros and other “other” compensation of 606000 euros, According to the entity file. The total is 8.09 million.

In addition, Jos é Antonio silvarez, the group’s chief executive, has pledged to cut his wages by 50% by 2020, just like Bertin. The fixed salary is 2.5 million euro, the bonus is 906000 euro (4.3 million euro in 2019), the salary is 3.4 million euro, and the salary is 6.8 million euro (- 50%) in 2019.

Combined with all the concepts mentioned in the spoils, such as pension plans and other contributions stipulated in previous years, Alvarez’s total salary in 2020 is 6.877 billion euros, 16.84% lower than that of 8.27 million euros in 2019.

Santander lost 8.771 billion euros in 2020 and 6.515 billion euros in 2019, after the bank increased its allocation to cope with the coronavirus crisis to 12.173 billion euros and undertook the book impairment of its subsidiaries in the UK, the US and Poland of 12.6 billion euros. It does not affect solvency. The agency ended its financial year with the biggest loss in history. Excluding accounting adjustments, the current profit in 2020 was US $5.081 billion, 38% less than a year ago.

In addition to cutting booty and Alvarez, Santander’s other advisers have decided that their wages will be cut by 20% by 2020. The highest paid is Rodrigo echenique, who left in December 2019 with a salary of 2.37 million euros, 46.7% lower than that in 2019. According to the bank’s documents, the amount includes $1.8 million in compensation. Since 1988, echenik has been associated with the bank. After the people’s Bank was legally established, echenik left the Council and chairman of Santander Bank of Spain. Since then, he has been an external consultant and a member of the appointment Committee.

The fourth highest paid person is Luis Isasi, who is the replacement of echenick and is paid 943000 euros. There is no comparison, because he was not in Santander in 2019, because he was signed by Morgan Stanley. The fifth is consultant Bruce Carnegie brown, who is vice president and coordination consultant. His income is 595000 euros, a decrease of 15%.

Overall, the agency’s board of directors received 19.07 million euros in 2020, 29.8% less than 27.18 million euros in the previous year.