A Spaniard Who Patented A One Kilogram Portable Gym Using Nasa Technology

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

Manuel Montes and his team spent more than 6000 hours and 1 million euros to create a training machine through their own funds, bank credit and KickStarter financing platform. Something that has become the desire of professionals and sports enthusiasts.

It all started in 2016, when wig wanted to fight Parkinson’s and start developing a device that would allow him to move anytime, anywhere. Its first prototype is based on the seat belt of the old seat Ibiza Island, which was bought from a dump. “I used elastic bands instead of belts and converted them into a basic fitness machine,” Montes said. This idea was ultimately considered unsafe, and I turned to NASA’s inertial technology for astronauts, which is safer and more effective endurance training. The result is a small machine that weighs only one kilogram and can do more than 200 different sports. “It used to be a tool, but later it became a way of training. The ultimate idea is to get a machine that’s valuable to everyone, “Montes explains.

It’s made in Orens, an automotive plastic injection company, and will be on the market in July 2020. So far, 12 employees of handy gym have sold more than 1400 units through its website and dealers, with an average price of 1000 euros depending on the model. Although coronavirus is very young and has problems, it “prevents the normal sales of coronavirus”. It exists in more than 60 countries, and the United States is its main market. Physiotherapists, personal coaches or athletes, and some elite people, such as world karate champion Sandra Sanchez, Paralympic swimming champion Teresa Perales or Espa รณ La rugby team, are all her clients. “The U.S. Navy also requires soldiers to train on submarines,” says the founder of handy gym.

So far, Montes said, it’s mainly sports professionals who have decided to buy the machine “at their price.”. That’s why they recently launched another product with similar functions, but aimed at more “domestic” athletes, with a price close to 400 euros. Bet you have your own app and you’ll soon finish a rowing machine. The trip earned him 600000 euros in revenue in more than six months, with a profit of about 40000 euros.