Employee Rights Protection

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

If the epidemic has completely changed any field, it is the field of work. “Until recently, the outlook for artificial intelligence and automation was still in the doldrums, but today, the disruption of covid-19 adds to the schedule,” consulting firm llyc said in its 2021 talent trends report released on Wednesday. It shows a catalog that will define the transformation caused or accelerated by coronavirus in 2021.

The epidemic has forced organizations to turn to another way of working and managing teams. But it’s not just them. Employees also began to show different ways of behavior. This is the rise of employee activists. A few months ago, Tim Bray resigned as vice president of Amazon, marking a firm step in that direction. Bray left Amazon, accusing her of abusing employees and imposing unfair power structures. He was referring to the dismissal of some workers at Amazon employees for climate justice after they complained about the lack of security measures against cowid in the multinational warehouse. In the case of Amazon, for example, Google decided not to sign military contracts in the United States because of the pressure exerted by its employees, or the trade union movement between the company and most of the large technology companies in the United States, They illustrate this phenomenon, which will continue to increase in the coming months, because the position of Companies in society is becoming more and more important in assessing whether to work in society, and there is a gap between the values advocated by companies and the reality of employees’ lives.

In addition, the spread of digital radicalism and the emotional connections it evokes are also increasing. “This is crucial in the current context, and in most cases, the company’s cultural structure has been weakened by telecommuting or perceived insecurity in jobs where presence is essential,” the report said. By 2021, the company must solve the problem of employees’ enthusiasm from at least three aspects: narrowing the gap between company values and employees’ experience; Face to face, create listening methods from your templates to quickly respond to your concerns and bridge the gap between management and activists. David Gonz á lez Natal, a partner at llyc, said some companies are working in this direction through internal climate change Ambassadors (IKEA case) or diversity Ambassadors (Accenture case).

Leaders also have a lot to learn from the new labor relations. Remote devices are managed in different ways. Telecommuting not only improves productivity, but also destroys team culture and employees’ sense of belonging to the organization, especially due to the outdated face-to-face working mode adopted by managers. They need to redesign their leadership methods, cultivate empathy and other qualities to keep in touch, develop communication skills, pay more attention to people’s participation in defining work patterns and tools, and organizational autonomy.

Because we go from employee experience to life experience, says LYC, because almost all employee related events today take place at home, “This makes companies have an additional responsibility for their talent benefits: they affect not only their ’employee experience’, but also their ‘life experience.'” They have to worry about disconnection and flexibility. Gonz á lez natal says it’s time to synchronize, not just for telecommuting, but for employees to decide when to work.

In an era when telecommuting has become the new normal, it will be installed behind covid in the form of mixed work, and transform the office into a place of inspiration and connection, The new scenario provides a great opportunity for companies to correctly explain this unique opportunity to achieve a huge leap in productivity: a real priority to getting the job done. This means making new rules of the game and giving employees more autonomy, which will have an impact on everyone’s interests.

Hero is one of the companies moving in this direction. He has turned to a hybrid mode of work and is facing a plan to change the way he works, which meets his requirements. In the words of Juan tinoco, his human resources director in southern Europe Group (Spain, Portugal and Italy), this is to improve agility (automated process) This is a flexible hero program that will be extended from Spain to the rest of the world, including 60% face-to-face work and 40% telework.

However, nursing companies must also make it their top priority to take care of the mental health of their employees because of their isolation, lack of socialization, endless working hours, and the pressure of uncertainty caused by coronavirus and economic crisis (according to a life health study, In 2020, one in six Americans will start treatment for the first time, and 15% will take drugs related to mental illness for the first time. “Business and human resource leaders have a major responsibility to support and identify mechanisms to encourage people to help when needed,” and to develop effective strategies to address this issue. Prior to the pandemic, mental health programmes were not a priority in the field of talent management. They are now required, lick pointed out, and confirmed tinoco. Hero provides internal and external psychological services to employees, and tracks employees’ status weekly, because another pillar of the company model is employee benefits.

Teresa Sancho, who is in charge of internal communication, said Metro Madrid is also pursuing a kind of welfare, and its cultural change will be revealed in its new headquarters by the end of the year. The organization is currently negotiating with trade union representatives on a mixed mode of work and is experimenting with the epidemic. “Before her, it seemed inconceivable to talk about telecommuting in such a 100 year old listed company. Now, it’s a reality that thousands of office workers live together, “Sancho said. Metro’s cultural transformation needs a flexible, collaborative and barrier free model to break the existing silos and hierarchy. The epidemic is breaking resistance.