Reyes Maroto Confirmed Fitur 2021 Will Be Held In May And Hoped That It Will Be “A Renaissance Of Tourism”

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

Reyes maroto, Minister of industry, trade and tourism, confirmed on Friday that the fetur celebration (to be held from 19 to 23) will be held in May next year. “IFEMA, fitur, Madrid community, City Council and UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) will join the Spanish government in announcing that fitur will be held at the end of May and will be a revival of tourism,” maroto told telemadrid.

For weeks, the minister has been trying to revitalize the tourism industry. First, he refused to give up Easter, and despite Spain’s poor infectious disease data, his statements always carry the slogan “if health permits.”. But it’s clear that the post Christmas rise is enough to save Easter, which is complicated enough. On Friday, he remained similarly optimistic, despite his expectation of a pandemic: “we have to be careful.”

Spanish government bouquet holders expect the fetur celebration to mark the beginning and end of the industry’s crisis. In fact, it sees it as a turning point in the revival of tourism. Therefore, maroto still hopes that the long-awaited recovery will come in the second half of this year due to the vaccination process, although the industry has been warning for months that if companies are to survive that time, they need direct assistance and speed up vaccination.

“Without tourism, there will be no recovery, otherwise the recovery will slow down. We have to bet on a safe tourism industry, “the minister insisted. In other words, it still maintains a balance of liquidity commitments, even if health conditions permit, and abides by all necessary security protocols.

The enthusiasm for the industry is not over. Maroto stressed that another benchmark fair, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will also be held. The event will be held in June instead of February as usual. The delay is to celebrate the release of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, these versions will be quite different so that they can be carried out in safe conditions: “it means reducing scale and tributaries, and combining face-to-face and technical aspects,” the minister explained in a statement a few days ago.

In response to the economic crisis caused by the impact of coronavirus, tourism operators have highlighted the work of the government, enterprises and society. “Today we are walking towards the tunnel where we begin to see light,” maruzi said. In recent days, the infectious disease data has been on a downward trend, but the minister is more inclined to be cautious: “any retrogression is another negative impact on the economy.”

In this case, vaccination is the decisive factor to change the epidemic and economic process, and all the hopes of enterprises and governments depend on vaccination. In fact, marmoto believes that speeding up the vaccination process and increasing the number of people vaccinated “will change people’s perception of the epidemic.”.