How An Industrial Engineer Turned Marbella Into A Football Capital

2021-02-19   |   by CusiGO

At noon at the end of January, the sun was hot in Marbella. Over 20 degrees, a group of gardeners left the football field like a carpet. There are a group of athletes on the field, enjoying the climate and scenery between the Mediterranean Sea and the shell peak at an altitude of 1215 meters. They are players from the Moscow Lokomotiv team of the European Champions League, which heads to the Sun Coast for the winter preseason at Marbella football center. They met with the compatriots of Rostov football club and the Swedes of ostersend FK in a facility owned by football impact, a company that operates 28 football fields, mostly in the Marbella region, where 230 national and national teams pass each year. They play pre-season games or meet live. The company offers them sports travel packages, including accommodation, commuting, training facilities and organizing friendly competitions.

Andres Roldan, 48, is the chief executive of football influence. He wore an elegant gray suit and repeated it over and over again. His motto has always been “quality, quality and quality.”. “It’s a way to attract the best teams in the world,” he said confidently. Its work. Take Liverpool, for example, where they prepared for the last two Champions League finals. In these areas, it’s easy to see 32 teams in two major competitions: Manchester United, Italy, Asia, Spain, Bundesliga or Norway.

In 2019, the company has a turnover of 14 million euros and a occupancy rate of well over 200. By 2020, the turnover will remain at $13 million: due to the health crisis, there are dozens of cancellations, but there are also new opportunities. These include two matches for the Under-21 national team, as well as qualifying for promotion to Serie B and Serie B. Betis, Granada or Cadiz also played in the summer. 2021 is even more unpredictable. On top of that, this winter – its peak season – has barely reached 10%. On the other hand, they have signed an agreement with the Spanish royal Football Federation to host rallies of Spanish low-level men’s and women’s football teams in the next three years.

A 400 square meter modern, transparent gym, permanently disinfected changing room or a room with a heated swimming pool, therapeutic circuit and liquid hydrogen room are some of the services the company provides for large teams at Marbella football center, In addition to four football fields and many other ancillary facilities. Lawn is their biggest capital, and as soon as they see it, they want to put on shorts, put on boots and play football. “Our team has a blank check, so it will always be perfect,” said the general manager. Invest 3 million euros in these exclusive facilities to make them the center of the company’s business and the preferred destination for players and managers.

In addition, the company manages another 24 football fields between the towns of Estepona, sotogrande, Alicante, Murcia and marbell í, which are owned or managed by the towns of Estepona, sotogrande, Alicante, Murcia and marbell í. Its main competitor is northern Europe, a classic summer destination for Spanish clubs. They have confidence in the South: their goal is to add a new football field every year and plan to expand its operations to Algarve, Portugal.

Marbella is a major brand and business hub. Rodin was born in Germany a few years ago after his parents emigrated from Seville. After studying industrial engineering, he decided to go back to his origin. His mastery of the language made it easier for him to work in Costa del Sol’s worldwide real estate division until 2002, when he became chief business officer of marpaft, which built a football pitch two years ago to attract foreign teams. In 2005, Rodin became independent and started his own company with his partner Enrique P é rez. Their first asset is the St. Peter stadium. They grew up and rented the facilities to their former employers in 2010. In 2013, they bought and renovated them. The rain team has been raining ever since. Offices, corridors and newsrooms display signed T-shirts from dozens of such clubs.

Roldan, a Real Madrid fan, stressed that due to the glamour and luxury of costar del Sol, the train and plane links to Madrid will be connected through Malaga airport. Accommodation costs range from EUR 100 to EUR 250 per person per day, depending on the facility and hotel chosen. On average, each club has about 45 participants for nine days. This means a cost of about 70000 euros. The company also serves players who want to stay healthy while on holiday in Malaga. Sol niggs, Lucas Basques and Nacho Fernandez have been there.

The company works like other tour groups. They offer full accommodation in four-star and five-star hotels, which this winter have become bubble hotels explicitly open to them, easing the sharp decline in seasonality and tourism. They are also responsible for commuting, laundry, management, PCR testing every three days or ensuring that facilities are in the best condition. In addition, they promised to organize two friendly matches for each club every week. Sometimes it’s between the professionals themselves and other local teams, such as V é lez m á laga or Algeciras, who play for the top teams. “It’s just as important to have a big team as it is to have a small one: they are mutually beneficial,” concluded Rodin, who dreams of one day hosting Real Madrid.