Gestamp Has Signed An Agreement With Nature That The Energy Of Its 21 Spanish Plants Will Be Renewable Since 2022

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Gestamp has signed an agreement with natuji that, from 2022, all power supply to its Spanish plants will come from renewable energy sources. As a result, the company became the first car industry in Spain to generate electricity from completely renewable energy. Specifically, gestamp will receive the equivalent of 203 gigawatts per hour (GWH) of solar and wind energy supply, including purchasing power parity (PPP).

Under the 10-year agreement, which began in January 2022, multinational auto parts groups will reduce their carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere by 50000 tons a year, which means that the group’s total carbon footprint of using electricity will be reduced by 13%, equivalent to They’ve absorbed 350000 trees.

The company has offices in 24 countries and the largest number of centers in Spain. Of the world’s more than 100 plants, 21 are located in Spain. In addition, the group has two R & D centers. All of these Spanish centers account for 18% of global gestamp consumption.

The agreement is part of the group’s medium – and long-term strategy, which includes actions to make more effective use of raw materials and supplies such as energy and water, reduce greenhouse gases, and contribute to addressing climate change and promoting a circular economy. In this case, the agreement with nature is another step in the company’s efforts over the years to achieve the highest sustainability standards throughout the production chain.

“This agreement marks a very important milestone for gestamp, is part of the group’s ambitious sustainable development strategy and is in line with the emission reduction targets we have approved through the science based goal initiative,” said Francisco riberas, executive chairman of gestamp. President Francisco reynes stressed the importance of the agreement with gestamp to “move towards a decarbonized economy.”. Nature wants to reach a win-win agreement to enhance the capabilities of Spanish companies and their key role in the energy transition. ”

Gestamp is a multinational company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of high engineering metal components for major automotive manufacturers. Develop products with innovative design to produce lighter and safer vehicles, thereby reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Its products cover the fields of body, chassis and mechanical devices.