Cnmv Supports Mfi Fund’S Application To Acquire Nature

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

The national securities and Market Commission (cnmv) has approved the Australian monetary and Financial Institutions Fund (MFI) to apply for approval for a partial voluntary public offering (OPA) to acquire a 22.69% stake in nature.

According to the securities regulator, the application has been approved on the grounds that the prospectus and other documents were submitted after the supplement and amendment on February 16, which comply with the provisions of the public offering securities law.

The body chaired by Rodrigo Buenaventura stated that acceptance of the application “does not imply any decision on the decision to authorize the tender or any of its terms and conditions, It must be carried out according to the time and other requirements specified in Article 21 of the above standard. ”

The possible acquisition arising from the offer is subject to Article 7a of Law No. 19 / 2003 of 4 July on the legal system of capital flow and foreign economic transactions.

According to Article 26 (2) of Royal Decree No. 1066 / 2007, cnmv shall not approve the tender until prior authorization is obtained under the act.

On February 5, MFIs submitted an application to cnmv for a voluntary partial public offering of shares at a price of about 5.06 billion euros to obtain 22.69% of naturgi’s equity.

The validity of the tender must also obtain relevant regulatory and competitive authorization to reach the minimum acceptable level of at least 17% of the registered energy capital.

Cnmv has 20 working days to approve submitted bids. However, this period can be extended as it will restart whenever the agency requests additional information.

In addition, it must be approved by the Council of ministers, because the government passed shielding regulations last year in the coved-19 crisis, allowing the executive to veto foreign investors’ purchase of more than 10% of a Spanish strategic sector company.