Cnmc Freezes Airport Charges In 2021

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

The national market and Competition Commission (CNMC) has agreed to freeze the airport fees charged by AENA for various services (runway, terminal, sidewalk, aircraft parking lot, security, etc.) provided by airlines in their airport network in 2021, and then the airlines will charge these fees. Tickets for passengers.

The tariff is governed by the five-year airport regulatory document (Dora) 2017-2021 approved by the government in January 2017, which provides for an 11% reduction in airport charges over the five-year period, equivalent to an average annual reduction of 2.2%. However, the annual decline is based on the actual cost of previous years, which may lead to a decline or freeze.

In this case, CNMC agreed with AENA and airlines’ suggestions and decided to freeze these airlines, taking into account the impact of covid-19 on air traffic, which resulted in a 72.4% reduction in passengers in 2020.

Regulators have opened the door to reclaim revenue from the so-called Dora 2, which is a plan to determine the company’s tariff path for 2022-2026 from investment, even though the document is under negotiation.

The condition of basic airport service is the maximum annual income per passenger (IMAP), which can be applied by the operator. Its determination is based on the recovery of operating costs and the return of the assets (through the cost of capital) that provide these services. The updated parameters are applied to IMAP to set the adjusted maximum annual income (imaaj).

The regulatory resolution on the applicable airport fares of AENA in 2021, which will come into effect in March this year, stipulates that the imaj per passenger is 10.27 euro. The airline, led by maurici Lucena, expects to register 137 million passengers this year with revenue of about 1.4 billion euros.

In a report on Thursday, CNMC also pointed out that in 2019, AENA’s regulated activity surplus exceeded 280 million euros.