Anna Boding Will Chair The European Banking Federation For The Next Two Years

2021-02-18   |   by CusiGO

Anna BOT í n, President of Santander bank, will replace Jean Pierre mustaer, chief executive of UniCredit group, the European Banking Federation announced on Thursday. The Federation is the spokesperson for European banking, bringing together national sector associations across Europe and some 3500 financial institutions, including the largest commercial banks on the continent. In Spain, it is a member of the Spanish Association of banks (AEB), and the savings bank’s Bank is part of the European Commission for Economic Cooperation (ECSC), the European savings bank and retail banking group.

One of the most recent demands of the organization is that, in March 2020, banks should avoid dividend payouts or share buybacks to protect capital and maintain credit flows in economies affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The Federation is the interlocutor of European authorities, particularly the European Commission, the European Banking authority (EBA) and the European Central Bank (ECB). Its work is closer to the hall, rather than a think tank or research center writing reports.

After two years in office, botting stressed that this would be “a critical period for Europe” and expressed gratitude to Mr. mustare for leading the organization. The banker also claimed that the bank had played a “vital role” in responding to the epidemic. “By working with EBF members and the EBF executive team, we will continue to support the economic recovery,” he said.

“I’m very happy that EBF has chosen Anna boding as my successor,” Mr. mustier said in turn, stressing that boding is “a great leader of a great European and global bank.”, He is “very clear about the key challenges facing European Banking and how the regulatory system needs to evolve to meet them.”.

“Your commitment and leadership will no doubt help EBF to achieve even greater success. I would also like to thank the EBF team for their professionalism and dedication, serving and representing the interests of the banking industry at the European level, “added the chief executive of UniCredit.

The Federation itself and its board of directors of 32 countries expressed “pleasure and expectation” for the election of the president of Santander bank. They stressed that Santander bank “is recognized as an important banker in Europe and highly appreciated for its vision and leadership”.

The chairman of EBF has traditionally been the chief executive of a major European International Bank, providing the Federation with an opportunity to provide high-level guidance on its management. Mustier was appointed chairman of EBF in 2019 and will resign as chief executive of UniCredit Next April.