Minister Maroto To Acquire Nature In Mfi

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

Reyes maroto, Minister of industry, tourism and trade, will refuse to approve MFI fund’s acquisition of a 22.69% stake in nature to avoid potential conflicts of interest when her husband works as an engineer at the company. According to the Ministry source, Reyes maroto’s decision is a response to the minister’s personal decision because even the Legal Services Department has not determined whether she will have a conflict of interest because her husband has no decision-making power in the company. Maroto has conveyed his intention to Pedro Sanchez, President of the government.

“He didn’t want to be part of any decision because he received the documents. In fact, he has pre emptively left everything to do with naturgi, “the industry insisted on the newspaper after the ser chain made progress.

In March this year, the administration passed a royal decree stipulating that certain actions require the authorization of the Council of ministers to prevent non community companies from using the covid-19 crisis to control companies in the strategic sector of Spain, It’s like energy.

It is under the leadership of the minister that the State Secretariat of Commerce has six months to process the authorization documents of microfinance institutions and prepare a report for the government to express its opinions. In the analysis you’re doing, you may need a new document and explain why it’s strategic.

Government spokesman Mar í a Jes ú s Montero said on February 2 that the administration would be “very cautious and cautious” in commenting on the acquisition and that it would “carefully review the files” when the Australian fund applied. The takeover has caused a split among members of the government, suggesting a heated debate before deciding whether to buy an Australian pension fund.

MFI launched the acquisition on January 26, with 23 euros per share and 22.69% stake, with a total amount of 5.06 billion euros. The target is institutional investors and minority shareholders, which will mean it will become the second largest shareholder in the energy industry, which currently has a standard of 24.8%. In addition, CVC and GIP mutual funds hold 20.4% and 20% shares respectively, and Sonatrach, an Algerian state-owned company, holds 4%.