Epic Games, Founder Of Fortnite, Sued Apple For Abusing Dominance In Brussels

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

Epic Games, the developer of the popular video game fortnite, has filed a lawsuit with the European Commission accusing apple of abusing “anti competitive restrictions” in the iPhone ecosystem, apple said in a statement on Wednesday.

Epic claims that Apple has not only damaged the competition in the application distribution and payment processing part of the IOS ecosystem through “a series of carefully designed anti competitive restrictions”, but also “completely eliminated” the competition in the application distribution and payment processing part of the IOS ecosystem, the operating system apple uses on its mobile devices.

“Apple’s use of its control over the IOS ecosystem for its own benefit while preventing other competitors is an abuse of dominance and violation of EU competition law,” the company stressed.

The lawsuit in Brussels is one of the lawsuits filed by Epic Games in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. “The key is the future of mobile platforms. Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, said: “consumers have the right to install apps from sources of their choice, and developers have the right to compete in a fair market.”.

The clash between Epic Games and apple began a few months ago when the founder of fortnite offered IOS a different payment platform than Apple’s own, allowing him to skip Apple’s 30% commission on deals. In the face of this, Apple’s app store policy does not allow Cupertino to prevent fortnite from updating.

In addition, Epic Games cannot release its digital video game store on IOS because it is not licensed by apple. The company accused iPhone makers of anti competitive behavior because Apple launched its own Apple arcade service, a subscription and distribution service for mobile video games.

Epic Games assured Epic Games: “this is much bigger than the competition between epic and apple. It involves whether consumers and developers can directly conduct business on mobile platforms, or whether they are forced to use monopoly channels against their own will and interests.”. The demand for epic is not the only challenge Apple faces because of IOS limitations. Spotify filed a similar lawsuit against the company in 2019 on the grounds of unfair competition, because a 30% commission required the price to be raised above Apple’s music service.