The Same Is True Of The Newly Approved Est And The Extension Of Self-Employed Assistance

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

February brought new taxes to the self-employed. The Council of Ministers adopted a package aimed at extending ERT and assistance to this group. It includes four questions: “the first one is to suspend the contribution rate, so increase the contribution of the self-employed, at least until an agreement is reached on the cross professional minimum wage,” explained Celia Ferrero, executive vice president of the association of the self employed.

The second problem is to extend the time limit for self-employed people to apply for assistance and subsidies, from 15 days to 21 days. The third issue is to extend existing assistance until May 31.

Fourth, directly related to the previous aid, it will be improved: “the assumption has been expanded to include all partially closed self-employed persons, and the requirement that new aid must be entitled to the previous aid has been removed.”, Ferrero added.

However, how to apply for these subsidies? “All benefits have to be reapplied to the society, except for the complete suspension of benefits,” Ferrero said The society itself will review all concessions to these aid by September 1. Ferrero suggested making a request as soon as possible: “preferably within the first 21 days after the incident,” he suggested.

“Finally, if we find that we are unable to meet any of the requirements of the benefits we receive, we can give up at any time before April 31, with effect from next month,” the expert said. “Similarly, we can voluntarily repay these benefits without mutual claims.”

In the video at the beginning of this article, Ferrero details all the tax developments in February, and details what assistance the self-employed can ask for.