The Unions Warned That They Would Continue To Mobilize If Labor Reform Was Not Abolished

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

At a rally in front of the economic sector, the Union warned the government that there would be more mobilization if it did not negotiate the abolition of labor reform, pension reform in 2013 and an increase in SMI. Importantly, it was held at the Department headquarters led by Nadia calvinio, who attended more than 50 rallies across Spain with government and sub delegates. In Madrid, they chose to bring the protest to the third vice president, an administrative official who was the least close to their demands, who, with moncro’s permission, had the final say in economic policy.

There, Pepe Alvarez, the leaders of CC OO, Unai Sordo and UGT, demanded that the government “open a social agenda now”, in the former words. In particular, the agenda will begin negotiations to abolish labor and pension reforms and raise the minimum wage. “Either negotiations, or government forces, or mobilization is just beginning,” Alvarez warned, immediately pointing out that if they get there, they will be controlled and adjusted according to the situation of the pandemic.

Earlier, dozens of union representatives wearing masks and flags (they organized into four rows to try to keep a safe distance, which they had never been given) delivered the speech of the deaf mute, first of all because they remember that the union “shrugged” in the past few months. It refers to protocols and extensions of RTE, telework, or equal pay for equal work. But he then began to make it clear that the time has passed to contain the damage of the epidemic: “now is the time to dismantle labor reform, and we hope to do so by resuming collective bargaining.”

As far as Alvarez is concerned, he first admitted that “a lot of work has been done” and referred to the measures taken to contain the crisis, “but that is not enough.”. “They fulfilled their commitment to abolish Rajoy’s reforms,” he demanded, and asked the administration to raise SMI. “In this department, security personnel also have the right to raise their wages, just like the officials who work here, or the cleaners,” she explains with a graph.

One factor that union leaders did not leave behind was to ask the government to negotiate. But then he became deaf again: “I wish there was an agreement, but no one sent the message that nothing can be done without an agreement. No veto can be granted. ” If it’s not clear, this unionist demands that ceoe and cepyme’s employers are not willing to accept the change of labor reform and can’t sit back and avoid the law change they don’t want.

This letter is addressed to the government, but most importantly, to Vice President calvinio, so that she will not repeat the mistakes of the SMI incident at the end of last year. At that time, because there was no agreement, she did not follow the route of the current Minister of economy.