The Government Plans To Provide Up To $800 Million In Aid To Electric Vehicles And Charging Points

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

This year, the government will redouble its efforts to promote electric vehicles through the third version of the moves program, whose resources will be used to help buy electric vehicles and invest in power infrastructure. This new version of the plan will quadruple last year’s budget allocation to 400 million euros. The autonomous region has communicated with Joan grozad, director general of the Institute for diversity and energy conservation (idae), According to the “appetite” of potential beneficiaries, the allocation could even double to 800 million euros, he said on Thursday.

The moves II, launched last year, was quickly sold out in some autonomous regions, so idae now plans to quadruple it. It will be active until the summer, but grozad points out that more than half of the budget has been used up.

Idaho, part of the Department of ecological transformation, is interested in increasing resource allocation because Pedro s á nchez’s administration ruled out continuing subsidies for burning cars, just as he did in his last attempt to save the minimum number of registrations.

Grozad’s statement during the 2021 summit. While promoting the sustainable flow of enterprises, it also expressed its interest to maintain this flow in a timely manner by 2023 according to the requirements of the sector, so as to promote the sales of electric vehicles before the supply expands and the price drops, Expand the social base for access to them. “Obviously, we can’t do it alone,” groizard said, pointing to the company.

The government plans to attract at least 2 billion euros from the European economic recovery fund for electric vehicles, and will also invest in the development of hydrogen as a green vehicle fuel.

At the meeting, Susana g ó mez, deputy director of vehicles at the General Administration of transport, explained that efforts had been made to develop vehicle environmental labels and to adopt uniform labels throughout Spain’s low emission regions.