The Precursor Of Mobile Intelligent Garage

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Enzo Zamora (Venezuela, 1989), the grandparent of immigrants from Spain and Italy, is the co-founder and CEO of homyhub. Since he started his first company at the age of 17, his entrepreneurial family has been his biggest frame of reference. While studying law in Caracas, he set up a non-governmental organization to help the poor. Later he worked in banking in Boston and trained at Harvard. In 2014, while studying at ie business school, he set up the head of a family business of tourism housing in Madrid.

Starting a technology start-up became his biggest hobby. After several failed attempts, he gave birth to “homyhub in the garage”. Its mission is to “release the full potential of the garage and make it a more valuable space for people” and turn mobile phones into intelligent command. According to Samora, users have to deal with control and garage keys from villas, communities and companies every day. With your app, you can open the garage from anywhere. “If you go out and there is no one at home, your parents or friends need to take things and even have to place orders for you, it helps,” Samora explained. “You know when and who gets in and out of the garage because it has camera integration.”

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This instant, personalized access – hands-free, thanks to automatic close access and integration with voice assistants such as Siri, Google and Alexa – eliminates garage commands because “you can share access by sending virtual commands as long as you want.”. Samora commented that because of its functionality – the ability to safely and contactlessly share with your mobile access – the demand for her products has grown with the health crisis. “In addition, homyhub avoided nearly a third of delivery failures and minimized their impact on carbon emissions, as delivered vehicles should not be returned again.” With their application, they promote the use of electric vehicles, reduce charging costs and improve logistics efficiency.

The accessibility of this redesigned command is one of the keys to a successful startup. “Because of our device boot kit, the installation is very simple and anyone can install it in a few minutes. It’s also easy to use and friendly in design, thanks to the help of mobile phones or smart watches. ” Future improvements include new features, “such as the recent integration with tp link tapo cameras,” as well as more services with companies such as Iberia, natulgi and Volkswagen, which are developing “new services for shared economy and connected car garages.”.