“The Government Can’T Stand By And Buy Naturgi,” Abalos Said

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Jos é Luis Á balos, Minister of transport, mobility and urban agenda, said on Wednesday that the government “can’t stand idly by” in situations such as the acquisition of nature announced by the Australian Monetary Fund. “It is important that we have a certain degree of control over strategic matters,” the minister said in a statement on the Catalan ser network, when asked about the executive branch’s veto over partial purchases of Spanish energy.

“This will not be the first time that the Spanish government has tried to protect the vitality of Spanish strategic enterprises, which we see now in the crisis is very important. The organizational Secretary of PSOE also pointed out that “even the funds of rescue strategy companies managed by SEPI (state-owned industrial holding company) have this foundation.”. “It is very important that we have a certain degree of control. I do not advocate intervention, but we have a certain degree of control, which is strategic. Privatization, if not accompanied by that, is not good in my opinion, “he added.

The minister believes that in the context of the current coronavirus crisis, “the understanding of strategic reserves or strategic enterprises is very clear.”. “When the pandemic started, we realized that we didn’t have mask production, we didn’t have strategic hygiene supplies, we had a Spanish company, like air Europa, we had to save, or someone else, and we saw the importance of strategic business,” he said, Therefore, “the government can’t stand idly by.”.

Housing policy was also mentioned by the head of transport, mobility and urban agenda (former Ministry of promotion), which is responsible for national housing policy. “The problem with social housing in this country is that we don’t have public parks, and if we do, there are some very negative examples, such as the Madrid community selling 3000 homes to the vulture fund, which the law must avoid,” the minister said.

“We can’t stand a comparison with the European ratio: at some point, people have tried to create social housing, but in recent years, in the past decade, right-wing governments have not,” albos said. “When I entered the Ministry of housing, I found that there was only one general housing administration,” he added. That’s why he said that in his view, the establishment of a public housing park is a priority, “it can be built with private funding, but not necessarily through sanctions, but through cooperation and encouragement, which is the most positive.”.