Have You Ever Been A President Or A Singer On The 14Th Floor These Are The Answers To The Most Common Legal Questions

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

The Catalan parliament is scheduled to hold elections on Sunday, February 14, which has raised public concerns and many legal issues. Especially those appointed to the polling stations. These elections are abnormal because they took place in the middle of the third wave, with a cumulative incidence of nearly 500 cases. In this case, the most common question is whether it is possible to reject the position for fear of contagion, especially if you belong to a risk group or live with a risk person.

The text of the appeal issued by the Bank of England on December 22 last year pointed out that if health is not guaranteed in the process, voting may be delayed. However, once the high court of Catalonia (TSJ) orders that the scheduled date be maintained, it is necessary to understand the rights and obligations of the person appointed as chairman, spokesman or agent of the polling station.

Yes, I have According to the electoral organization act, this is mandatory for both the incumbent and the alternate. It is an illegal act not to appear in court without proper reasons and can be fined or even imprisoned.

The president, the president of the Senate and their respective alternates have no choice but to attend or fail to perform their duties, and they shall not leave office without reason, nor shall they fail to perform the obligation of apology or prior notice stipulated by law without reason.

This is an offence of disobedience (according to Article 143 of the electoral law) and is punishable by imprisonment for three months to one year or a fine of six to 24 months (in fact 1000 to 1800 euros). In the first case, the sentenced person usually does not go to prison, but has a criminal record.

In principle, no, the law does not provide an excuse for being a more vulnerable person or having a family member who belongs to a dangerous group.

The difference is that the incumbent or alternate is diagnosed as coronavirus positive or suspicious.

In this regard, in order to protect the health of the participants, the government will conduct antigen tests on the members of the polling station (about 60000 people) a few days before the voting. In addition, if they develop symptoms compatible with cowid on February 14, they must go to the medical center or call 061 immediately.

The law provides for exceptions for certain people. For example, applicants, resignants over the age of 65, persons with a recognized disability or women who are six months pregnant or who become pregnant after maternity leave do not have this obligation. Other reasons for automatic exemption from statutory obligations include: persons receiving permanent absolute disability and severe disability pensions; temporary incapacity to work; being detained in prisons or mental hospitals; or being victims of gender based violent crimes when: There are convicted persons on the register of any polling station in the same polling station.

From the date of receipt of the notice, the persons elected by lot have seven calendar days to make this and other requests (for personal or family reasons) at the discretion of the municipal and district election committee.

Those who are designated, they are impossible, must be informed, at least 72 hours before, to provide relevant reasons. This is provided for in a directive of the Central Election Commission, which distinguishes between individual, family and professional cases.

Among other things, personal or family reasons may justify an operation on election day, or the sole guardian of a minor or an elderly person who is unable to live alone.

Unforgivable responsibility for work is also a valid excuse for not attending meetings, but not always. This rule prescribes what kind of work obligations are justified. First, workers who provide basic services to the community (doctors, firefighters, police, etc.) are removed. Media directors and heads of news departments will also cover election day. Finally, there is no limit to the number of professionals who must participate in public events to celebrate polling day.

Yes, unless it’s an important position. If he is elected to the electoral college, he must be present. The law stipulates that these workers have paid leave on that day and reduce their working hours on Mondays by five hours to ensure the necessary rest.

These permits are not recoverable and must be paid by the company once the employee proves that his conduct as a member of the presidium is justified.

Yes, I have According to the electoral law, the composition of the presidium must have a chairman and two vowels (elected from members and alternate members). If this is not possible, the election committee is free to appoint those who are required to attend the polling stations, “and even order any voter present to attend the polling stations.”.

Those elected in this way cannot refuse, and unless they have a legitimate reason to leave, they may be punished for election crimes. But, although the law does not distinguish these situations from those who do not attend despite being elected by lot, “it has to be taken into account,” Jody Pacheco said, Doctor of political science and political science of Catalonia, Dean of Catalonia College of political science and sociologists. Therefore, Pacheco believes that anyone with legitimate reasons should be acquitted, “even under normal circumstances, he will not be accepted.”.

It has to be formed within 48 hours, next Tuesday. Article 80 of the electoral law provides for this.

The problem with this measure is that some voters may get inside information about the outcome before voting. Pacheco pointed out that this situation may change their voting consciousness, take strategic action, cause serious harm to the citizens who voted two days ago, and “violate the principle of political equality”.

Therefore, if many elections fail, the government will not announce the 14-F results on election day.

Ismail Penha Lopez, director general of the electoral process, recently announced on twitter that 99% of the polling stations in Catalonia have sufficient membership in principle.

If at the time of exercising the right to vote or voting as a member of the Bureau, there is evidence that the infection occurred in the polling station. Therefore, it is an issue of evidence that will determine the success of the claim.

According to the autonomous rules, voters can vote for active or segregated voters, so in principle, it is possible to spread the infection. Although members of the polling station will be protected (PPE clothing, masks, masks, gloves, water alcohol gel, etc.), in this case, the infection is not impossible.

As Pacheco explained, as long as there is a causal relationship, the administration must be substantially responsible for the damage caused by the operation of the public service (in this case, the electoral mechanism). “It’s going to be easier to prove that infectious diseases happen when voting, for example, if a person is usually isolated and doesn’t expose himself,” he said.

Yes, I have The president and vowels are protected by the social security system like other workers. If there is an accident, they can ask for leave.