“By 2021, We’Re Going To See Part Of The Uav, With Real And Real Activity Every Day.”

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

Isabel Maestre, director of the National Aviation Safety Administration, said it was difficult to predict whether the aviation industry was fully prepared for regulatory changes brought about by the new European regulations. However, he said that the European Aviation Safety Agency (ESA) was ready to meet the challenge and started a “digital revolution”, including updating its communication channels to cover the entire spectrum of UAVs.

How do three categories of operations, from low to high complexity and risk, introduce European legislation?

The first is the open type, which aims to operate without mediation by the authority in accordance with restrictions and technical provisions. In the next category, the specific risk is greater and a statement of operation, whether standard or issued by the European food safety agency, is required. The third type is certified, with the greatest risk, which is similar to the arrangement of traditional aviation. Our understanding is that since 2021, the number of drone flights will increase significantly compared with previous years, although this increase will not happen suddenly or on a large scale. It’s not difficult to fly hundreds of drones in the city center this year.

The government is drafting a draft royal decree to expand the scope of European regulations. Can low risk UAVs operate in cities without authorization?

In some cases, open categories allow this, but always maintain a specified safe distance and meet specific requirements. In addition, in a specific category, if it is not conducted in a controlled land area, authorization from the European Advertising Standards Agency is required. Despite these requirements, UAVs can only fly in capable areas, not in the affected areas of the airport, unless they coordinate with service providers or fly from dedicated infrastructure. That’s why you need to know where a drone can fly before you can fly it. The application of enaire UAV is very useful.

Are we going to start seeing UAV packages this year?

Although parcel sorting is allowed from December 31, 2020, it is necessary to meet very strict requirements to carry out these operations. Our vision is that in the next few months, initiatives will begin under very limited conditions, such as pilot projects or emergency distribution operations, but mass transport of consumer goods will take at least two or three years.

When will the plane fly on a regular route?

The first regulatory recommendation on certification categories is expected to be put forward in 2023, but it may not be until 2025 that there will be enough regulatory framework to design, manufacture, maintain and operate driverless air taxis.

What is the new UAV pilot training program?

The plan follows the same proportions and risk-based approach as the rest of the new community legislation. For example, for low-risk transactions under open categories, only online training courses and theoretical knowledge examinations are required, while for high-risk transactions, such as transactions under standard scenarios under specific categories, Pilots should take additional theoretical knowledge examination and successfully complete training courses and practical skills assessment.

No chance to bring more noise pollution?

European legislation itself has set maximum noise levels for certain categories of UAVs and a three-year time frame to accommodate the final level required. The idea is that drones may not make more noise or more disturbing noise than any other noise currently in the city. In this regard, the ability of countries to collect the sensitivity of societies to noise in order to clearly identify the areas in which they can fly is crucial.

Does Spain have new regulations with mature industries?

In the past five years, Spain has only specified the operation of professional UAVs. As a result, the number of these operators has increased significantly, although this is not the case. What happened was that we gained valuable business experience. If I want to sum up my impression in this respect, I would like to say that the industry has been growing and learning gradually so far, and from 2021, we will see an industry with actual and practical activities every day.