This Is The 50 Companies That Get The Most Money From The Common Agricultural Policy

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Campofrio, Telef ó Nica, dairy companies, grain and feed companies, fruit and vegetable groups, autonomous regional institutions and more than a dozen cooperative groups are the 50 largest beneficiaries of direct payments under the common agricultural policy (CAP), with revenues from 3 million euros, nearly 8 million euros. In addition to this list of major recipient countries, the recipient countries with the highest direct aid payment should also be included. Overall, it is estimated that 20% of the recipient countries receive 80% of the funds, while most of the nearly 800000 recipient countries are between 5000 and 10000 euros.

This allocation of funds is one reason. In the main line of the upcoming CAP reform and its implementation in Spain, the government has provided a more specific definition, that is, real farmers are the priority recipients of funds, Further payments may be allocated to a farm based on the first hectare and reallocation, adjusted from 60000 Euro ceiling to 100000 euro per applicant application. In the case of business, they have to prove their main activities outside of agricultural activities.

Cap’s direct assistance is nearly 5 billion US dollars, which is paid as basic area payment or livestock farm payment, green payment and assistance to young farmers in the form of decoupling or decoupling. Help small business owners to join others, such as lower relevant payments that remain in different agricultural and livestock production

With the development of agribusiness, the main companies receiving direct aid funds of 3 million to 8 million euros include more than a dozen cooperative groups, especially fruits and vegetables, such as vicasol of 7.8 million euros, carchuna of 3.8 million euros or agrosevilla of 3.5 million euros. In addition, different institutions from the autonomous region and the autonomous region itself have joined these companies, such as the Castilla and Leon Institute of technology, with revenues of 7.7 million euros, the Madrid community of 6.6 million euros, and the Castilla Raman Community Council of 6 euros, 4 million or Galicia xunta 3.5 million or Andalusia board 3.1 million

In addition to nearly $6 million in meat campofrio, there are 3.1 million cheese factories in the lorento piqueras meat industry, 3.4 million cheese factories, 2.9 million Schreiber Canarias dairy group, 3.2 million PROTOS wineries and two Paloma groups, EUR 37 million for the fruit and vegetable industry and EUR 39 million for vegetables. Several Canary Islands groups are associated with activities in the feed industry, such as the 5.8 million Canary Islands flour company, the 5.3 million Canary Islands feed company or the 4.2 million Tenerife barn.

Telef ó Nica is in the top 50 with a price of US $2.6 million, and no other company like Renfe is listed as the consignee excluded from the cap.