The New York Times Will Have 7.5 Million Subscribers By The End Of 2020, An Increase Of 2 Million Over 2019

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

The New York Times has 7.5 million subscribers by 2020, more than 2 million more than last year, the times said in a statement on Thursday. At present, about 89% of subscribers are digital users, while the number of readers who accept the printed version (833000) has decreased slightly (- 2.7%) in the past 12 months.

In the short four years since Donald Trump came to the White House, the number of times subscribers has almost tripled (2.6). The Wall Street Journal registered its first digital subscription 10 years ago and now has 6.69 million digital users. Those outside the U.S. account for 18% of the total, and this part of the portfolio is growing faster than U.S. users. In a conference call, chief executive Meredith kopit Levien said the times saw this user growth as an “exception” driven by the recent US presidential election and the coronavirus epidemic.

In terms of revenue, the times earns twice as much from subscriptions as it does from advertising. By 2020, however, advertising revenue is down by 26%, while subscriptions are up by 10%. Despite this dynamic change, the revenue of these two projects decreased slightly (- 1.6%) to US $1.78 billion (more than EUR 1.486 billion) in 2020.