The Government Signed A Peace Agreement With Airbus, Promising To Reduce Layoffs

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

Government chairman Pedro s รก nchez and Airbus chief executive Guillaume faury signed a “security agreement” on Thursday to establish a mechanism to protect Airbus’s strategic technology assets developed in Spain. A joint agency will be set up between the government and the manufacturers to meet once a year to promote any projects of the aviation giant in Spain, especially in the fields of defense and aerospace.

According to the agreement, it is a matter of bridging the differences between the two sides. For example, the election of Indra by the Sanchez government as the National Coordinator of the FCAs (future air combat system) program has aroused strong criticism from European manufacturers who think they have more ability and experience to implement the program. “It’s to bring the relationship down to zero and start pushing strategic projects again,” industry sources said

According to Moncloa, SEPI currently owns 4.16% of Airbus, so the meeting also discussed the need for Spaniards to enter Airbus management “appropriately.”.

In return, the company promised to cut as many jobs as possible in Spain, cutting 900 jobs on the basis of the 722 jobs previously announced by the Department of defense and space, This sparked a fierce social conflict in the summer, with demonstrations and stoppages at eight Spanish factories.

In fact, the agreement reached on Thursday is almost entirely a copy of the agreement announced by Sanchez and Guillaume Foley on July 30, which has detailed the establishment of the Joint Commission, the acquisition of national and European funds, and the contracts for the purchase of military aircraft and helicopters, All of this is in the preparatory stage because it has not been specified yet.

At present, the government is formulating a series of measures to support the aviation industry, such as the aviation technology plan (PTA), which is linked to the EU recovery fund and managed by CDTI. A 100 million euro aviation fund is also planned to support SMEs in the sector’s value chain. In addition, a productive industrial investment support fund, managed by sepides, has been set up to provide us $600 million from the total national budget in 2021, with the aim of providing financial support for industrial investment promotion to promote industrial development and competitiveness.

The Spanish administration is also committed to launching new initiatives in the national defense programme, from transforming three A330 aircraft into mrtt (multi-purpose tanker), to purchasing four c295 aircraft for maritime patrol, A joint programme was launched between the Ministry of defense and the Ministry of the interior to acquire 36 H135 helicopters in the first phase of six years and expand to 59 in the second phase. In addition, the Ministry of the interior plans to purchase four h160s in the next six years.

In addition, The government has committed to start the second phase development of the FCA program and expects payments related to Spain’s participation in the A400M program. Airbus Spain’s participation in the space program will also expand as government investment increases by more than 25% Spain participates in the ESA programme.