In January, It Destroyed 218953 Jobs And The Unemployment Rate Rose To 76216, The Third Wave Of The Virus.

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

218953 are unemployed and 76216 are newly unemployed. According to data released by the Ministry of social security and the Ministry of labor on Tuesday, this is the first outbreak of the third influenza pandemic that has caused damage to the labor market. This impact, while not highlighted by its increased toxicity, is consistent with the number of pandemics in recent months, but it does warn that the economy will continue to suffer month after month before the virus disappears.

The decline in social security contributions in January was the result of traditional statistics. The first month of the year is the worst, because at this time, consumption usually falls and many of the contracts signed for Christmas expire. However, January 2021 is the fourth month with the smallest increase in unemployment since 2008. The total number of members remained above 19 million (1915081), including 10049593 men and 8779999 women.

As contributions fall, the unemployment rate rises. According to the national public employment service (SEPE), the number of unemployed rose 76216 from December to 3964353.

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