Technology Recognized In Europe

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Alejandra Rosa, Jes ú s Mar í a Jurado, Alvaro fern á ndez and Jos é Antonio mor á n are friends and colleagues of four computer majors who had to decide to look for new jobs or set up their own companies after the 2008 crisis. The second idea is why they started taking risks. Sixphere technology, headquartered in Seville, was founded in 2016 with an initial capital of 20000 euros. Her first step is to become a digital consultant and software developer for a third-party company. A road to specialization, step by step to create their own products. Alejandra Rosa, the company’s chief executive, said: “this line makes us different from other consulting firms, and we achieved that without external funding.”.

The new route has become a product, which they call the Polaris industry, and they have committed to invest 200000 euros for four years. Its operation mode is to establish a platform, so that all the people involved in the supply chain can digitize their sales process. “It needs to integrate a tool in the enterprise to centralize all systems in one system: from order generation to billing or logistics,” Rosa explained.

This is a project that enables them to benefit from various kinds of aid from Europe, providing about 72000 euros for their innovative work. It is also the only Spanish company in the top 10 European projects Block. This gave them a subvention of 60000 euros. Provide a reward of 20000 euros through the block start program. “The amount seems small, but it’s getting big because Europe recognizes your idea, which is very complicated,” he said.

The total amount enables new modules based on blockchain Technology (such as Polaris TX) to be integrated into Polaris. “This progress means enhancing the reliability of all information processed. “With this program, it ensures that no point in the process is changed,” the instruction explains.

So far, sixphere has been committed to aviation products, and its main customers include alestis aerospace, which specializes in aviation structure manufacturing and assembly. By 2020, this business path has suffered a major setback due to the health crisis and the sharp decline in the number of flights. “That’s our goal, but it’s not going well,” lamented the co-founder. “We are now picking ourselves up and looking to other areas. Our sales strategy has shifted to agriculture, food or retail, “he added.

There are 10 employees, and sixphere has seen the impact hinder their growth to some extent, “but we managed to maintain ourselves,” the directive said. As a result, the turnover in 2019 is about 466000 euros, while in 2020, due to the lack of final year-end data, the turnover will be slightly less than 429000 euros. At present, sales are not enough to bring profits, but the company optimistically predicts that with the new module joining the Polaris program, it will grow by more than 80% between 2021 and 2023.

The growth is also focused on internationalization. So far, they have entered Switzerland with a number of clients, including a business school. “We want to open up new markets outside Spain, which is part of the future,” concluded Rosa