Albert Espinosa: “Robots Will Help Us Die In Extreme Pain.”

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Albert Espinosa (Barcelona, 1973) is the creator of the film “the fourth floor” and Steven Spielberg’s series “red Bracelet”. Ten years later, Albert Espinosa (Barcelona, 1973) returned to TV and told the story of a group of young people escaping from the mental hospital. January in Movistar +). In December, he won the faam 2020 cultural Gold Award for inclusiveness in his work, which has been released in more than 40 countries and is always full of optimism. For Espinosa, time is everything, especially when we talk about the Internet. “Because I’m trained as an industrial engineer, I tend to assign myself some schedules.

There was a time when I spent it on youtube, WhatsApp and my social media, “he recalled the advice given to him by a close friend in the hospital. “He told me to keep me informed, but it only took about 15 minutes a day. Stop it. If you spend more time, you’ll find there’s too much information. That’s why I don’t refresh my social media: I go in once, watch the news, what my friends do, and then leave. ”

He said the relationship with his followers is very close. It’s time again, because Espinosa doesn’t write and always answers by voice mail. “I like the nets because I can be myself. I answered a lot of straightforward information, and I answered almost everything. I do it because it’s faster and I think my followers will be surprised, “he said.

Another part of the time is spent in the evening. “I often search web pages on a specific topic, and I always try to read very scientific news on the Internet. Now with cowid, I analyze the data, look for statistics, and calculate the end date of the crisis by comparing it with other epidemics, “the author explains, admitting that he missed a pre video hobby. “When there are flights, I often surf the Internet to fly. I like to study the condition of airplanes. I was relieved that my absence from the plane had been delayed for seven hours. “There are some very interesting pages where you can see all the flights in the sky at the same time,” he said. He admitted one of his fantasies: “my dream is to travel in space and see the earth from a distance.”

Another wish is time travel. It’s the weather again. “I love movies, like back to the future (1985). I think we can travel anytime, anywhere. It’s all about the arc of energy (like the Philadelphia Experiment (1984), in which two Marines mistakenly enter the future, Espinosa gives an example). You will find the energy that can promote the change of time and space. I love making lists. I already have places I want to go. If the time machine is a delonin [vehicle back to the future]… I’ve signed it. ”

But the technological advance he is most interested in is artificial intelligence, which he developed in his last book. If we are taught how to lose, we will always win. “There are four characters who are fascinated by technology, and there are robots. I believe that robots will be the people who will judge whether a person will die for any reason in the future. They will study us and help us move forward in extreme pain. They will reconcile the doubts of humans that we can’t judge, because I believe robots will be fairer than us. “