Maroto Calls For A Dialogue Between Brussels And The United States On Google Charges

2021-01-29   |   by CusiGO

Reyes maroto, Minister of industry, trade and tourism, is trying to make the US President mean a change in trade relations with Europe, which is in Spain’s interest. Therefore, in his letter to Valdez dombrovsky, vice president of the European Commission, he urged him to start negotiations with Joe Biden’s new government to suspend two measures that harm Spanish companies: the helms Burton law, which prohibits investment in Cuba, In October 2019, due to the conflict of state aid to Boeing and Airbus, the export tariff of some products of Spain will be increased. He also called on the Commissioner to put on the agenda a dialogue on digital services tax, the so-called Google tax, which the United States is not optimistic about because it affects large technology companies, many of them in the United States.

In the letter, the country has visited, Maru expressed his belief that “the new US government will be ready to resume dialogue with the EU in the next few days”, and stressed that “restoring mutual trust” is the main goal of trade policy. On this basis, marumoto said, “we need to identify areas where immediate action is needed” and “address the unfortunate dynamics that lead to mutual recriminations and the destruction of harmful measures in neighbouring countries.”.

Mr. maroto pointed out that the “four axes” of “concentrated efforts” must be adopted. First, it calls for the settlement of “trade disputes,” which “will send a message of trust to the private sector, which demands a negotiated settlement.”. In this regard, it called on dombrovskis to “step up contacts and negotiate a balanced and mutually beneficial solution” to resolve the state aid dispute between Boeing and Airbus, which led to the US imposing tariffs on a long list of European and Spanish products in October 2019, Pressure on exports of Spanish olive oil or wine. The World Trade Organization (WTO) thinks that the EU is right to help Airbus illegally, so it authorizes the United States to levy 6.9 billion euro tariffs on European products. Spain is mainly affected by certain foods, such as olive oil, wine or cheese. On the other hand, who also authorized the EU to raise tariffs on us aid to Boeing. “Setting a date for completion (the” retaliation measures “currently in effect) will provide the necessary credibility for us to restart bilateral economic and trade relations,” he said.

Maroto also called for a “rebalancing” of steel and aluminum measures and referred to the “digital charging problem,” which is Google charging, taxing the services of certain technology companies. The tax came into effect in Spain a few days ago, but promised that Spain would join the efforts of international organizations such as OECD to fully implement the tax. So far, these efforts have been in vain, mainly because the United States opposes taxation, which affects Internet giants, mainly the United States. Finally, he called on the vice chairman of the committee to “help” the Donald Trump government’s tariff on Spanish edible olives.

Finally, the minister also expressed his thanks in advance to East brovskis for his support to the “EU high representative for foreign and security policy” [Josep Borrell Spaniard] for his diplomatic efforts on the helms Burton rules of the United States “. Maroto said the regulation “seriously affected some of the most important companies in our tourism industry.”. The Act provides for sanctions against companies from all over the world that invest in Cuba and specifically damages some Spanish hotels, such as the Meli á group. Although the law dates back to the 1990s, it was reactivated under the authority of Donald Trump, opening the door for Cuban individuals and companies to seek compensation for property confiscated by Fidel Castro’s regime. Meli á and Iberostar are the two hotels most affected by the tightening of the Caribbean embargo.

Maroto’s next focus is “cooperation” in future economic affairs. He hopes to “work together” in the regulation of new renewable technologies, and promote “urgently needed multilateral trade system reform.”, Stalled by Trump’s de facto withdrawal from the agency; and a “coordinated response” to the epidemic to avoid unnecessary trade distortions.