The Extension Of Est Will Help And Expand The Access Of The Unemployed And Self-Employed To Assistance

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

After being approved by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, The text of Royal Decree No. 2 / 2021, published in the state Gazette on Wednesday, provides for the extension of the Temporary Employment Ordinance (RTE) and severance benefits for the self-employed until May 31, Some contents were added at the last moment and some provisions in the previous document were revised. These measures include revising certain requirements for the seasonal self-employed to receive special unemployment benefits, and maintaining the conditions for the most vulnerable groups to receive active employment schemes and special unemployment benefits.

Although the Bank of England text maintains the main idea of the agreement reached by the government and social partners (employers and trade unions) on January 19 to extend the term of ERT, As well as assistance to the self-employed – estimated by the administration at a total of 7 billion euros – some details are included in the various paragraphs setting the conditions for their implementation, such as: Influence seasonal autonomy (positively). Article 8 of the Royal Decree provides that seasonal workers “work for at least three months in the first half of the year” and receive special stoppage allowance. Seasonal self-employed persons are considered to be the only jobs in 2018 and 2019 to be completed “at least four months, up to six months per year” under the special self-employed persons scheme (reta) or the special seafarers scheme.

Another measure aimed at expanding the scope of protection of this set of worker support measures is contained in the fourth additional provision, Extend the temporary suspension of active employment qualification requirements to receive active employment income programs and special unemployment benefits. Positive employment income is a non contributory benefit that applies to the unemployed without other assistance and proves that they have special difficulties in reintegrating into the labor market. In order to receive an application, the applicant must register as a job seeker and sign an activity commitment (which implies active job search).

In the absence of an agreement on further raising the cross sectoral minimum wage, the two partners of the government – trade unions and employers – are still in opposition, In the new royal decree, a protocol on quotations had been drawn up before a final decision was made. In the fifth supplementary provision on the minimum social security contribution base for 2021, the document stipulates that these bases will take effect on December 31, 2019 before the minimum social security contribution base for this year is determined.

Other changes announced by the Bank of England are also trying to unravel the red tape that plagues governments’ internal operations. In the workplace, the Labor Inspection Bureau will be allowed to issue automatic infringement records without the direct intervention of “safeguard legal protection” officials. In addition, the national public employment service (SEPE) will allow access to all its services through its electronic headquarters to ease congestion in many of its offices. SEPE should also not manage the processing of new erts for companies that already have new erts, whether due to obstacles or restrictions, and be authorized before or during the new rules take effect.

However, the purpose of the latest incorporation into the Royal Decree is to facilitate the exchange of data between different public bodies. For example, under Article 77 on data retention, The central traffic authority may receive social security information on professional driving workers who have declared permanent incapacity. After they have proposed physical or physical restrictions to reduce or cancel their driving ability, they may, To enable the agency to determine the invalidation of its license.