Spanish Enterprises, The Main Body Of Foreign Capital Demand

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Although many companies just want to survive in the environment of vertical decline in revenue, other companies and funds can even take advantage of the decline in valuation to make acquisitions in the case of a pandemic to achieve growth. That’s how the Australian Monetary Fund (MFI) bought a 22.69% stake in nature on Tuesday. And other businesses, such as those launched in June by the US mutual funds KKR and providence and now the largest mobile operator, cinven. Following the launch of the takeover offer in November 2019, the acquisition of the Spanish stock exchange and market by six Swiss companies was also closed.

In 2020, a Spanish digital company made the largest deal. Sweden’s EQT fund took over the idealistic real estate portal in September, regardless of the complexity of the real estate industry. In the same area, Orion European real estate fund has been expanding its position to become the largest shareholder of neinor homes, one of Spain’s largest real estate companies. Vivendi, another neighbouring company, bought a 9.9 per cent stake in the newspaper’s editor’s Presa group a few days ago.

For Ignacio de la Torre, chief economist at arcano investment bank, the central bank’s actions led to some investment transfers: “the monetary policy implemented by the central bank – more aggressive than during the Second World War – depressed the rate of return on fixed income, This transfers savings to other higher yielding assets, such as stocks. In this case, companies with stable cash flow and the ability to pay dividends are attractive, those that attract capital interest, and that’s why companies operate. ”

The most important transactions this year are in the banking sector, where cross-border sales face regulatory barriers and complexities due to the lack of real banking alliances. But in the past few years, foreign companies have entered large Spanish companies in other areas, such as the business of Atlantis in the franchise of the abertis highway, which now controls the company with ACS in Spain. Or Carlyle investment fund’s deal to buy a large stake in cepsa oil, even though it has fallen into the hands of an Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund.

Advance, the US venture capital giant, bought vitaldent and used its rival dentix’s creditors to compete in December to buy 80 clinics from it, which shows that the crisis has not hit everyone in the same way.

If some funds choose to enter the signal company, others choose Spanish companies as the door to enter the market. Eni, the Italian oil company, ended its acquisition of cantabra aldro on Monday for 200 million euros. In return, he received a portfolio of 250000 clients.

Going back a few months means increasing the number of samples available: the US KKR fund, the same fund that entered mobile, will also expand its stake in telepizza to 84% in the summer of 2019. The London based permira fund acquired the European University of Madrid in 2018, and EQT of Sweden joined hands with Alba Financial Corporation and miles capital to set up the park a year later.

Unlike the greater freedom of the market in the past, Now, European governments are deploying anti takeover shields to protect strategic companies from bargain hunters – an epidemic that normally affects profitable companies, making it a step harder to buy from abroad.