Brussels Warned That The Epidemic Could Lead To A Social Crisis

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

A new wave of infectious diseases has killed the dream of rapid recovery. Brussels now hopes that the great depression, which lasted longer than expected, will not turn into a social crisis. To this end, economic affairs commissioner Paul gentironi urged countries not to prematurely cancel their economic stimulus. “The social impact is there. The official unemployment figures are bad, but not as bad as we think. “We have other figures, such as the decline in the employment rate of young people or women, which tell us that the social impact is greater than the official unemployment rate shows,” the Commissioner said in a video conference organized by the European Union Federation.

As the epidemic progressed, the Committee became increasingly convinced that the recovery would not be as rapid as expected, and gentironi reviewed the “great success” of vaccine approval. “Again, such a visit will not solve the problem in just a few weeks. We know there is light at the end of the tunnel, but we don’t know how long it is. It may take a long time, “the Commissioner said with regret.

The Italian politician said the EU must ensure that the crisis is no longer based on citizenship, which is protected by safety nets ranging from temporary employment protection to aid. According to the Commissioner, the EU’s “response” is, first with the employment protection fund, and then with the recovery fund, to “mitigate” this social impact to a certain extent.

However, giantironi called for action from now on in three areas: first, he called on capitals to continue to provide financial support to the European economy; second, to ensure the quality of the recovery plan and focus on the “social dimension” that the Portuguese presidency intends to emphasize; and Third, discuss fiscal policies that can support “growth” and “sustainability.”.

In fact, community institutions share a common sense of urgency for the destruction of the crisis. Pascal Donohoe, chairman of the euro group and Irishman, stressed in the European Parliament on Monday that he opposed “the immediate abolition of fiscal stimulus”. “We all agree that our top priority is to protect and financially support our citizens, especially the youngest and most vulnerable,” he said.